Martin Guitar New Junior Bass Models and Strings

C. F. Martin & Co. adds to their award-winning Junior series

Bass models and exclusive Jr. Bass Strings

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Martin 000CJr-10E Bass Martin 000CJr-10E Bass Burst Martin DJr BASS Martin DJr BASS Burst

Taken from Martin’s  official press release:

Martin Junior Series instruments are slightly smaller than our full-sized instruments, but you won’t have to sacrifice tone or volume, and you’ll gain plenty of comfort and portability. Whether you love the Dreadnought shape or want the Auditorium-style body with a cutaway, these new Junior Series bass models are ideal if you love to write and practice on an unplugged bass but also need the option to plug it in to record or play live with your band.

They include a spruce top and sapele back and sides to deliver thumping Martin bass tones, whether you are unplugged or using the built-in Fishman® electronics. They also include a sleek, fast neck so you can keep the rhythm section tight.

Each model is strung with Martin short scale bass strings that are made specifically for the unique and comfortable 24″ string scale. List price: $749.

Thanks to Maury’s Music for the video!

DJR-10E Bass

Martin DJR-10E Bass onemanz.come

DJR-10E Bass Burst

Martin DJR-10E Bass Burst onemanz.come

000CJR-10E Bass

Martin 000CJR-10E Bass onemanz.come

000CJR-10E Bass Burst

Martin 000CJR-10E Bass Burst onemanz.come


M4750 Jr Bass Strings

Martin Junior Series Bass Strings

Martin® Short Scale Acoustic Bass Strings are designed specifically for the Junior Series.

Featuring phosphor bronze wrap on a nylon core for enhanced playability, full note projection,

and tuning stability. Our impeccable standards for instrument tone are embedded in our string

design and precision manufacturing process. We make our own strings to empower the artist in

you to sound your best. List price: $29.99.

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