Guitar Comparisons

New for 2017 – guitar comparisons to ponder and adjudicate

Your comments, preferences, and suggestions welcome

This page will link to various blog posts featuring audio and audio-visual guitar comparisons.

Sometimes the instruments will be similar with only particular differences.

Other guitar comparisons will be between different woods, different brands, different body sizes, and so forth.

Being on the internet, everything from the audio of your computer or device, quality of your speakers or earbuds or headphones, etc. will matter as much as the mics and preamps used to record the instruments. So “results may vary.” But your input is valuable and most welcome.

In the case of blind audio guitar comparisons, the identities of the instruments involved will be listed only after the general public has had time to comment here, on Youtube, or at various guitar internet forums referencing the comparison in question.

Here is a list of current guitar comparisons

2-21-2917 – blind audio comparison

2-16-2017 – blind audio comparison

1-23-2016 – blind audio comparison with guitars ID’d at the bottom

More to follow


We and our readers would very much like to hear what YOU think.

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