Martin CS Series from the Custom Shop

The Martin CS series offers acoustic guitars that combine features of traditional Martins with modern technology and outside-the-box aesthetic beauty.

Links to reviews of the CS models can be found at the bottom of this page.

Made in the Custom Shop, in small batches, each CS model is available for one year only and makes possible an instrument that would cost considerably more if it was created as a one-off custom order for a private individual.

The Martin CS models were the inspiration of Fred Greene, Chief Product Officer and Vice President of Manufacturing. He loves guitars made with exceptional sensitivity and expressive dynamics, so that most of these instruments are more like boutique guitars in this respect than the typical production line Martin.

Designed by Greene and his Custom Shop staff, these guitars often mix elements of design found on the Authentic series with innovative features like carbon fiber neck rods, unusual tonewoods, and the latest in plug-and play electronics. But no two models from the Martin CS series are exactly alike in the details.

Martin CS Models Reviewed at One Man’s Guitar

*Note: the number at the end of the model indicates the year of production.

CS-21-11 -ultralight “Authentic” Madagascar rosewood dreadnought with a sleek fast neck

CS-D18-12 – 12-fret dreadnought made from 600 year old sinker mahogany

CS-OM-13 – ultralight and responsive Madagascar rosewood OM

CS-00S-14 – traditional 12-fret 00 in Madagascar rosewood with a VTS torrefied spruce top

CS-GP-14 – non-cutaway Grand Performance body size, Guatemalan rosewood with a VTS spruce top

CS-00041-15 – short-scale 000 in cocobolo with a VTS Adirondack spruce top

CS-D41-15 – Indian rosewood and VTS Sitka spruce perfected

CS-OM True North-16 – outrageous figured koa, master grade Adirondack spruce, amazing wooden marquetry

CS-Bluegrass-16 – large sound hole cannon of Guatemalan rosewood and VTS Adirondack spruce

CS-CFMartin Outlaw-17 – marvelous Mahogany and VTS Adirondack spruce with Authentic Series construction and the modern High Performance neck

CS Series of Martin Guitars

4 thoughts on “Martin CS Series from the Custom Shop

    1. That is correct.

      I did not review that model. I played the prototype, but I did not get any decent video or audio.

      The prototype differed from the production run, as the socobolo back and sides were notably thicker so the guitar was a lot heavier. I LOVED it as it was incredibly powerful. It was a barn door kicker offer.

      But they decided to thin the cocobolo so that it had more-typical dynamics and overall weight compared to something like an HD-28.

      I never wrote a review because I never actually saw one of the production model.

  1. Have you got to see the new CS-00041-15 yet? Dying to hear your review on this as I have one on order. The specs for this guitar are quite amazing.

    -6String (UMGF)

    1. My tongue is tied until January 22, when the NAMM show opens its doors. At that time I will be happy to tell you how much you might love a 000 with the responsive 1/4″ GE bracing of the 000-18GE, made with hide glue, a short-scale high performance neck with an ultralight carbon fiber neck rod, Cocobolo back and sides and a torrefied Adirondack spruce top. But until then lips are sealed.

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