Fraudulent Guitar Sites Steal Credit Card Info

Consumer Alert: Fraudulent Guitar Sites

Steal Credit Card Info

C. F. Martin has received numerous reports of multiple websites that point to online guitar stores with the icons below, that claim to sell Martin, Fender, Gretsch and other well-known manufacturers’ guitars at significantly reduced prices.

These websites are not authorized dealers of Martin, Fender or Gretsch. These are fraudulent websites designed to steal consumers’ credit and debit card information.

Representatives from Martin, Fender and Gretsch are all actively working to have these websites taken down; however, new websites appear daily with the same content.

Please be vigilant when making your musical instrument and accessories purchases. Verify that you are purchasing from authorized dealers and trusted websites.

An example screenshot is provided below:

Fraudulent Guitar Websites

International readership on the rise

International readership increasing at One Man’s Guitar

Welcome to our friends from abroad

I am happy to report that One Man’s guitar is now getting more visitors via search engines than links posted on guitar forums. Many of them are on overseas networks. While we are most popular with Americans, international readership will hopefully continue to increase as more people learn about the site.

I have received email over the years from many people over seas and from every continent but Antarctica, seeking my advice on guitars, or asking me if I could go play a guitar in a local shop that someone was thinking of buying. It is gratifying that so many  new people from all over America and the rest of the world are discovering the new website and are hopefully finding worth their while.

And just as it is greatly appreciated when someone posts a link to one of our reviews, articles or videos on guitar forums like the Unofficial Guitar Forum, the Acoustic Guitar Forum, Acusticamente, etc. it is very nice to see so many visits from people who found us by searching on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Just today we have hits from the following Google entities:





the Maldives (!)

New Zealand


and the UK

And we had visits from many others, like India, Russia and Hong Kong.

Please feel free to leave comments and suggestions when you visit our pages. And don’t forget to “like” our Youtube videos, if you in fact like them!


And that is one man’s word on…

International readership at One Man’s guitar

Juber’s Juber – the Martin OMC-44K LJ

Our latest guitar review, the Martin OMC-44K LJ

No ordinary guitar…this OMC-44K LJ has an Orchestra Model body size, with a Cutaway and it is made in a modern version of Martin’s Style 44, with back and sides of Hawaiian Koa wood, known for its unique combination of clear trebles, warm harmonics, but with a more open mid-range compared to other rich tonewoods like rosewood. Just the way Laurence Juber likes it.

Read the Full Review of the OMC-44K LJ

(photos: Wildwood Guitars)

Huss & Dalton TD-M Custom Sinker Mahogany – NEW REVIEW

And what a Huss & Dalton TD-M Custom it is too!

In a word, the voice is huge … a good example of a Bluegrass banjo killer with focused trebles that cut through the stout, strong bass of its pronounced bottom end … If you are familiar with the brand, I can say this guitar is warmer, fatter and more resonant than even some rosewood Huss & Dalton offerings, as that dense tonewood and reflective spruce reverberate and amplify each note and every strum. It still sounds like mahogany, but mahogany that has been working out in the weight room …

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Richie Havens 1941-2013

Who didn’t get goosebumps and have the hair stand up on the back of their neck at least once during a viewing of Richie Haven’s Handsome Johnny, and the iconic Freedom (Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child,) when he was the opening act at Woodstock?

Who else in popular music picked up a guitar and made the most out of doing the songs of other well-known artists, but could still be defined as a one of a kind original?

That rich, fertile baritone voice is now forever silenced. That amazing fretting thumb that turned Open D tuning into an ocean of ringing tone, and the phrasing that made each song seem like his was the way it was always meant to be, have rang the walls for the last time.

Rest in peace, Richie. I am grateful we will have a record of your art, even if it is but a tiny collection of your many, many performances.

Like this one, when you appeared on a bill with the biggest stars of your era and came out to play one, solo song at Columbia Records Bob Dylan 30th Anniversary Concert at Madison Square Garden, and showed them what it meant to have true class and genuine style all your own.