Martin D-28 2017 vs. 2016

Sneak Preview of My Summer NAMM Martin Reviews

This supplemental video was shot just after I recorded the new D-28 for One Man’s Guitar’s exclusive review – which will be the first one published

The following audio was mixed quickly and synched to video on a tablet at the hotel last night, and the video was put together on the bus back to NYC this afternoon.

The mix and synch of the actual video will likely be somewhat different.

While at the Martin Guitar Factory, it was my hope to not just test drive the newly made-over D-28, but to do do a direct comparison with the previous version, which remained virtually unchanged for 30+ years. And that did come to pass.

The two guitars were recorded back and forth in one continuous session. I just picked up one and played the first thing that came off my fingertips and then tried to repeat it on the other one, after placing the first on the same guitar stand. That is why the guitars are sometimes shifted toward the large diaphragm mic, as I kept turning that way to switch the D-28s.

In addition to some cosmetic upgrades, the real game changer is the top bracing, which has been moved to the “Forward Shifted” position, while retaining its non-scalloped shaping. This is the first time forward-shifted non-scalloped bracing as appeared on a cataloged Martin guitar, let alone a D-28.

The full review should be out in two or three days.

The thumbnail for the video was supposed to be of the 2017 model. I expect Youtube will change it eventually.


2-21-2017 Guitar Comparison

Guitar comparison of two similar instruments

** Note: View the first video if you want to hear the comparison without knowing the IDs of the guitars.

The second video reveals which is which.

Close in construction and materials, but not as nearly identical as the comparison from 2-16-17.

Recorded in the same place on the same day with the same mics, etc.

What are your impressions of the tone, and how they differ or equate?

View in 1080p hi-def for best audio

Please use the comment form below to leave your feedback.

Try not to get caught up in guessing what brand, size, type of woods are involved. Focus on your impressions and interpretation of the tone of each instrument, and now they differ or equate’

The identity of the two guitars will be revealed here after allowing time for various people to respond here, on Youtube, and guitar forums where this is referenced.

Thank you.

HERE is the video showing what guitar is what.

Other comparison videos and audio of similar and divergent guitars will appear in the coming weeks.

Here is page that will list all the comparisons