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Music is all around us, and very much taken for granted in these days of mass media production. But its power to enrich, delight, relax, enliven, entertain, and move at our emotional centers and the deepest wells of our spirit remains as strong as ever.

The guitar as we know it today is a relatively new invention and one that allows a musical instrument capable of playing full chords and harmony to be easily transported to most every event and occasion.

It is also an instrument that can be learned and enjoyed by most everyone who wishes to take the time to do so. But the artistry and skill of the true masters of the instrument, like each Guitarist Spotlight artist listed below, is astounding and among the greatest pleasures available in our lifetime.

While some information is offered up for each artist here presented, for the most part the music of each artist speaks for itself, typically through videos embedded from YouTube and most of them live performances.

Guitarist Spotlight Artists

Tommy Emmanuel – Australian treasure and Nashville gold

Laurence Juber – sublime arrangements by one of the best of any genre or generation

Pierre Bensusan – in memory of Stan Jay

Merle Travis – the most influential of finger pickers

Michael Hedges – innovator and explorer extraordinaire

Leo Kottke – the most popular acoustic guitarist in the electric age





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