Martin D-45 Modern Deluxe and Others Debut for 2022

Seven New Martin Guitars in the Modern Deluxe Series


Martin Modern Deluxe 2022 New Models

Two 12-fret models, a mahogany 000, and a new Style 42 among the additions

At long last, I may now share with you the first glimpses of the SEVEN new Modern Deluxe Series Martin guitars, released in lieu of the canceled Winter NAMM show. These guitars blend classic Martin guitar specifications with ultramodern technological enhancements to realize twenty-first century musical instruments that are both modern and deluxe.

Martin D-45MD and 0012-28MD Onemanz.comThe new Modern Deluxe Martins include a 12-fret 0-size rosewood model in rosewood Style 28, the 012-28 Modern Deluxe. A 12-fret 00 and 14-fret 00 join it, the 0012-28 Modern Deluxe and 00-28 Modern Deluxe.

Yes, that is a new naming convention for 12-fret Martin guitars, with the 12 on the LEFT side of the dash, replacing the archaic S for a “Standard” body size on the right side of the dash. And about time too, I say! The 12-fret configuration hasn’t actually been the standard design since 1934.

Moving to the next larger size, the mahogany 000-18 Modern Deluxe is also included, and super-fancy rosewood 000-42 Modern Deluxe have arrived. Larger still are the full-size Dreadnoughts, the D-42 Modern Deluxe and, at the top of the Series, the D-45 Modern Deluxe.

The D-45 Modern Deluxe heralds the return of the classic torch inlay that graced the headstock face plates of Martin’s Style 45 guitars up through 1930. It also brings back the snowflake fingerboard pattern to a D-45, like those made pre-1939. But this time, the exquisite diamonds, snowflakes, and cat’s eye fret position markers are not just inlaid with high-color abalone shell; each marker is outlined in even more pearl.

Around the East Indian Rosewood back and sides are the glittering abalone pearl trim that sets Style 45 Martins apart from their other handmade, professional-level acoustic guitars. But unlike other D-45s out there, the D-45 Modern Deluxe has flamed European maple binding on the body and the neck.

All guitars in the Modern Deluxe Series include a unique set of advanced features engineered to increase tonal depth (a Vintage Tone System aged Sitka spruce soundboard supported by VTS Adirondack spruce braces with Golden Era scalloping and set in place with natural protein glue,) increased volume and sustain (Liquid Metal bridge pins and a VTS Adirondack spruce bridge plate protected by thin outer layers of carbon fiber,) extended fret life thanks to the copper-infused EVO Gold frets with matching gold tuners, and a wonderfully comfortable neck shape based on the 1930 OM-45 Deluxe owned by the Martin museum.

The MD neck is asymmetrical with an apex that gradually drifts off center, to effortlessly fit into the palm of the hand at every position along the fingerboard, just like a marvelous pre-war Martin neck, except that it is a lower profile, made without the tubby vintage heel where the neck fits into that all-all important solid mahogany neck block with the traditional, hand-fitted dovetail neck joint.

Martin Modern Deluxe 2022 42 details

The D-42 Modern Deluxe and 000-42 Modern Deluxe also have the pre-war Style 45 torch and same fretboard inlays, plus the addition of two large abalone snowflakes on the bridge extensions. But they do not have the extra pearl inlay around the back and sides, greatly reducing the price compared to the D-45 Modern Deluxe.

The mahogany 000-18 now joins the D-18 Modern Deluxe, combining these advanced tone enhancements with the clear, woody tone of a mahogany Martin. The 14-fret 00-28 Modern Deluxe brings an even smaller body to the MD Series, as do the two 12-fret models, each with a traditional slotted headstock.

I look forward to sharing more details about these exiting new Martin guitars soon, including full reviews of as many of them as I can get into my hands and ears.

Martin 000-18 Modern Deluxe price

0012-28 Modern Deluxe price One

Martin D-45MD demo One

Martin Modern Deluxe Lineup

4 thoughts on “Martin D-45 Modern Deluxe and Others Debut for 2022

  1. Hi Todd

    Re: the carbon fiber truss rod, wasn’t Martin out of stock last and 2020? I read somewhere that the 2020/21 were made with regular steel TR’s.

    Did they change it again to Carbon Fiber?

    Best regards

    1. Thank you, Kurt!

      Yes, Martin did resort to 100% steel rods on the MDs for a time, due to the worldwide COVID-related supply chain issues. They have returned to using the original titatnium-steel alloy for the rod in 2022 Modern Deluxe guitars.

      The point of using the titanium-steel alloy is weight reduction in the neck. While it would be interesting to play identical guitars with and without the lighter rod, it is unlikely to make that much difference. I will say, it is almost spooky how alive with vibration the necks feel on those Models. As far as I know, I have never played one with an all-steel rod. So, I cannot say how much difference it might make in this respect.

      I have no idea how many guitars were made with the all-steel rod. It is identical in all respects to the lighter rod, except the weight, which may not be that much of a difference. But I know how cool and cutting edge it sounds, to be able to say a guitar has a “titanium neck rod.”

  2. Hi.Todd

    Thank you for the info on these new Martin offerings. I very much look forward to your reviews of these models. Also, for your view on the liquid metal bridge pins innovation.

    Best regards

    1. Thank you, Mike. I have reported on the Liquidmetal pins in the past. Martin first used them on some NAMM show special, if i recall correctly. But I mention them in detail in previous Modern Deluxe Series reviews. Martin now sells them under the brand name Lux.

      There is hard laboratory data that shows they due increase volume by so many dB. As for the sustain, to my ear, it is an unusual sustaining of the initial fundamental notes. When note first reports as it is picked or during a strum, the sound stays at the same volume longer than is usual for an acoustic guitar, before it begins to decrease and then drop off in volume, in the normal manner.

      Because of the unusual bridge plate, and VTS and all that, there is no way to say exactly how much of the Modern Deluxe tone comes from the pins. But I have heard the pins on non-MDs and they definitely sound louder and have the unusual immediately sustain thing going on.

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