Taylor Florentine Limited Editions

Flamed Mahogany, Quilted Sapele and Blackheart Sassafras with Taylor Florentine cutaways

Tonewoods from South America, Africa, and Tasmania married to American spruce

A new limited edition series designed by master builder Andy Powers

Each guitar is offered in Taylor’s popular “Grand Auditorium” body (size 14) with Sitka spruce tops and proprietary CV bracing designed for this body, and made from stiff Adirondack spruce. In addition to the on-board Expression System 2 electronics, other high-end features include rosewood binding, rosewood rosette and fret markers with mother of pearl trim, and a full gloss body.

The seldom seen Florentine cutaway offers clean lines that come together in a point like the tip of a crescent moon. It is a nice touch that increases the elegance and exclusivity of these new showcase Taylor Florentine Limiteds.

Taylor florentine limited editions

Official Page for Each Model: 514ce-FM LTD, 514ce-QS LTD, 714ce-S LTD


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