Martin 00-15E Retro Review

My review of the new acoustic-electric 00-15E Retro

Loaded with vintage Martin vibes, it is a seamless melding of the storied past and promising future of America’s oldest musical instrument maker

Martin 0015E Fishman Aura F1+

Retro Tone at Any Level

“Even without plugging in, the Martin 00-15E Retro produces satisfying tone, volume, and projection from its comfortably small acoustic guitar body. Regardless of the builder, guitars with a mahogany top share unique tonal properties, which have always challenged my skill at putting tone into words. Well this particular guitar provides a great specimen to practice on.”

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2 thoughts on “Martin 00-15E Retro Review

    1. If it is possible it is something you would have to get through the Custom Shop. Contact your local Martin dealer to ask.

      Martin recently made a blue guitar in their series of Eric Clapton models, and it was a spectacular guitar in terms of tone. It is a long-scale OM. All other Clapton models are short-scale 000s. The body size is a little bigger than this one.

      Check it out HERE

      So it is entirely possible the answer is yes, the Custom Shop could do this for you. But I bet the up-charge is pretty steep. But I bet the Blue Clapton, as I call it, would actually be cheaper. It couldn’t hurt to ask though.

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