NAMM 2023 – Taylor Builder’s Edition 814ce

Latest Builder’s Edition in their Flagship Size

Grand Auditorium with a Cutaway and Four-Piece Top

The latest edition in the Taylor Builder’s Edition series has elegant styling and ergonomic features like the beveled arm rest on the bass side of the lower bout, and a bevel built into the cutaway. The Builder’s Edition 914ce has 800 Series specs including an East Indian back has an attractive burst shading and no center seam, wood bindings and wood fiber purling, and a pearl sound hole rosette.

The soundboard on the Taylor Builder’s Edition 914ce made with four panels of Adirondack spruce. This seems to take a page from Chris Martin’s playbook of putting non-traditional woods or construction techniques on a showcase special edition guitar, as if to say, “Would we put this on such an important, expensive instrument if there was something wrong with it?”  Mr.s Taylor and Martin are passionate about responsible management of natural resources and this new Builder’s Edition furthers that cause by showing how four-piece soundboards can look lovely and help create beautiful music.

More information at:

Taylor Builder’s Edition 814ce

Taylor Guitars at Winter NAMM

Optimistic Travel Guitars from Taylor for 2021

Two new Taylor models made in their recently-invented Grand Theater size

Taylor’s Grand Theater size sounds gigantic and yet it designed to create a more compact instrument with a 24.5” string scale and a 1-23/32” nut width, and body shape similar to their largest models, only smaller. These “travel guitars” come with a lightweight but protective Aerocase, and their asymmetrical C Class bracing, which is designed to increase bass response in guitar designs that need it.

Both instruments are larger than ukulele size guitars out there, while still satisfying those who want a petite instrument that is easily portable and and easy to play.

The GT K21e features all-koa construction, while the GT 811e features solid Indian rosewood back and sides and solid Sitka spruce top. Each model has the C Class bracing, ES2 pickup system, and an ebony fretboard and bridge, with wood from environmentally-friendly sustainable forests in Africa.

Taylor-GTK21e-frl-2020 onemanz

Taylor-GTK21e-bkl-2020 onemanz

The rosewood 811e has 800 Series appointments that include an abalone rosette, and the GT811e has burst edge finish to the koa top, a maple rosette and decorative vine fretboard art.Taylor-GT811e-frl-2020 onemanz

Taylor-GT811e-bkl-2020 onemanz

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Other 2021 Acoustic Guitar News to Come…

Guitars of Winter NAMM 2021

New Acoustics in Short Supply at NAMM 2021

The 2021 Winter NAMM Show was a virtual event, understandably enough, with virtually no acoustic guitars

Still, there were hundreds of events, including performances by musicians, famous and not so famous, as well as interviews and discussions. But while there were also actual products being released, few acoustic guitars were among them, compared to normal years. Even lil’ ol’ Huss & Dalton of Lynchberg, VA has recently gotten into making electric guitars!

Huss & Dalton Statesboro SC Classic Winter NAMM onemanz

C.F. Martin & Co. made a valiant effort for 2021, by offering four new acoustic guitar models across their pricing tiers, and four ukuleles. While it was reduced from what was originally planned for this NAMM show, it was considerably more of an offering than anyone else could muster, among the major players in the acoustic guitar industry.

Martin 00L Earth full One Man's Guitar onemanz

There is still some news of interest, from companies like…

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Santa Cruz,




Summer NAMM 2018 Recap

Acoustic guitars of note among the booths and pavilions of Nashville NAMM

Something for every budget and taste

Summer NAMM banner

The summer installment of the biannual trade show of the National Association of Music Merchants took place on July 28-30, at the Music City Center in Nashville, Tennessee. While never having quite the impact and inventory of Winter NAMM, the 2018 summer show provided some interesting additions to this year’s lineup of new guitars. Most of those being electric guitars, the acoustics required some sleuthing to track down. But they still cover most price ranges and a great deal of the familiar brand names.

Here are some of the most interesting acoustic guitars seen at Summer NAMM


Alvarez Artist Series was attracting attention with the updated AGW77AR showing up on Twitter videos throughout the weekend.

This long-scale Grand Auditorium model has walnut top with forward-shifted scalloped bracing and walnut back and sides, and their new, sleeker body bevel. Priced to sell at $499.

See all the 2018 Alvarez guitars here.


Luthier Dana Bourgeois clearly enjoys his trips to NAMM, and always comes up with some some seriously amazing one-of-a-kind guitars, like this OMS wood deluxe,  with a redwood top and figured English walnut for the back and sides!

Bourgois OMS wood deluxe Summer NAMM 2018

Check out Bourgeois Guitars’ Facebook page for an eye-popping array of this NAMM’s belles of the ball.

Or go to their main website to what’s new and interesting, and which dealers landed these very special instruments.



“The AJ-220S has a unique bell-like shape, a larger lower bout, and a small round upperbout which gives this new addition to our Advanced Jumbo family of guitars a unique voice.” These guitars feature a glued-in dovetail neck joint, mahogany back and sides, and solid Sitka Spruce tops, or an optional solid mahogany top that has its own mahogany burst toner option.

Typical price $269. And there is also the cutaway acoustic-electric AJ-220SCE for $369.

Epiphone J-200CE Summer NAMM 2018


Offered in a variety of colored and burst finishes, these cutaway Super Jumbos feature the Shadow eSonic-II™ Stereo Pickup System and Grover machine heads, pricing starts at $459.

“The EJ-200SCE reimagines the historic ‘J-200 Jumbo’ acoustic guitar now featuring a Solid Spruce top, Grover Rotomatic™ machine heads, and the revolutionary new Shadow eSonic-II™ Stereo Pickup System that maintains your true acoustic tone when plugged in to an amp or PA system.”


Guild_jumbo_junior_mahogany_Summer NAMM 2018

The new Jumbo Junior is a smaller jumbo model made with a solid Sitka top and Guild’s arched back of either mahogany or maple. These should prove comfortable couch or travel guitars for a MSRP of $555


C. F. Martin & Co. had a smallish offering compared to the January show, but it is spread across board. These include, but are not limited to a new affordable Road Series model, the 000RSG, with solid Siris back and sides and a solid Sitka spruce top (MAP $1,499,) two limited edition models made from black walnut, GPCE Black Walnut Ambertone, and the DE Black Walnut Ambertone which come with Fishman electronics(MAP $2,649 each,) a black, slope shoulder Jimmy Buffet Custom edition to go along with the Broadway musical Margaritaville (MAP $5,999,) the had-to-happen D-16EPD with soundboard featuring the iconic poker playing dogs painting (MAP $2,799,) and the stunning OM Arts and Crafts 2018 featuring ornate pearl inlay evoking the aesthetic of the Arts and Crafts movement in design, as well as German white oak back and sides, a torrefied Adirondack spruce top, Guatemalan rosewood trim with a MAP of $13,999.00.

Martin Summer NAMM models

See all the new Martin models here.


After introducing their new “V Class” bracing at Winter NAMM, Taylor Guitars released a new Builder’s Series model at Summer NAMM, the maple Builder’s Edition 614ce, as well as new Grand Auditorium models in their affordable 300 Series, the 314ce (Saple/Sitka) and the 324ce (Tasmanian Blackwood/mahogany) and 400 Series, 414ce (Ovankok/Sitka) and the 414ce-R (Indian rosewood/Stika) that feature V Class bracing, and individual cosmetic appointments.

Taylor Summer NAMM 2018

This debut was accompanied by the announcement that Taylor expects to convert all their series to the new bracing. It is intended to deliver a “more dynamic voice.” And from my experience with their Winter NAMM offering it does do exactly that, at least when compared to similar Taylors made the previous year.

The Builder’s Edition 14ce has solid figured Big Leaf maple back and sides with a torrefied solid Sitka spruce top, beveled armrest, new Silent Satin finish with a Wild Honey burst on the back and sides (optional for the top,) and Scepter faceplate and fretboard inlays are among the impressive features.

The 300 and 400 Series instruments will begin shipping in July and include the 314, 314ce, 324, 324e, 324ce, 414e-R,414ce, 414ce-R

More at

About NAMM

NAMM, the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM), established in 1901, is the not-for-profit association that strengthens the $17 billion global music, sound and event technology products industry. Our association and our trade shows serve as the crossroads for professionals wanting to seek out the newest innovations in music, recording technology, sound, stage and lighting products. Membership also includes access to the latest industry news and education, opportunities for music advocacy and cost-saving programs that will help your business thrive. All of these activities and programs are designed to promote music making for people of all ages and to help create a more musical world.

NAMM News of Interest and Intrigue

The 2017 Winter NAMM Show opens for the press and provisioners

Musicians and music lovers rejoice

Acoustic guitars make up but one tributary of the mighty NAMM river feeding the sea of music-oriented retailers. And I am focusing on acoustic guitar news from NAMM over the next few days before my first hand reviews can begin to flow from my own fonts.

The economic downturn finally caught up with the acoustic guitar market over the past couple of years, with mixed results. And this year’s NAMM has some guitarmakers focusing less on new models to add to crowded catalogs, and more on exhibiting models they already have in production, or limited editions like artist signature models, and showing off just what their custom shops can do for customers who will pay cash on the barrel head before an instrument is built.

One company that has put out an array of new models is, of course, C . F. Martin & Co.. Martin has at least one model entering every instrument series not scheduled to be phased out of production.

Read about the new 2017 Martins here

With other Martin news to follow as it develops.

Collings Guitars of Austin, Texas announced a new Pete Huttlinger signature model.

Read more about this new 2017 limited edition model and see some awesome Collings eye candy here

Bourgeois Guitars always offers an entertaining NAMM experience. This year singer Courtney Hartman stopped by to play some guitars. She is also appearing in the promotional video for a very special 2017 offering from Dana Bourgeois.

Bourgeois Guitars is celebrating 30 years of the Schoenberg Soloist cutaway OM with a 30th anniversary collaboration with Eric Schoenberg.

Read more about this awesome commemorative limited edition Bourgeois – Schoenberg and see some video here

Santa Cruz Guitar Company is an exhibitor focusing on amazing one-off custom guitars is the  Their custom shop gets its own display area as large or lager than the one exhibiting standard models and artist signature instruments.

Read more about the Santa Cruz guitars at Winter NAMM here

Vintage Guitars offer up a retro-cool Statesboro 12-string dedicated to Blind Willie McTell

Check out the specs and Paul Brett Video here

Taylor Guitars has partnered with Guitar Center to offer a limited edition John Petrucci Artist Choice 916CE model. New guitars appeared in the new Academy Series of affordably priced instruments, as well as the new 800 Deluxe Series, and the super cool GS Mini Bass head up the latest in Taylor Guitars innovation.

Read the Taylor Guitars details here

What’s new from Collings, Breedlove, and all the rest?

Keep checking back for new and interesting reports

Taylor Guitars Winter NAMM 2017 Highlights

New offerings from Taylor Guitars at NAMM 2017 have style and comfort in mind

New beveled armrests are found in new affordable and deluxe models, and of all things a comfortable couch bass guitar appears.

NAMM Booth 213

Apeaking of beveled armrests, one can be found on Dream  John Petrucci Artist Choice 916cee limited edition. The Dream Theater guitarist was on hand at the Taylor booth to play #1 of the edition.

This Grand Symphony size guitar has the same top-shelf Indian rosewood and Sitka spruce, and opulent inlays of the 916ce acoustic-electric model, along with a special label signed by Petrucci and Bob Taylor.

Just 50 instruments will be for sale, exclusively through Guitar Center , with another 20 sold in the overseas markets. And it comes with Petrurcci’s preferred Ernie Ball Earthwood strings, a custom DiMarzio JP guitar strap, a boxed set of 4 vinyl LPs entitled ‘The Astonishing.”

Taylor GS Mini Bass NAMM 2017 One Man's Guitar onemanz

While cool, perhaps their coolest newbie is the little GS Mini Bass.

It has layered sapele veneer for the back and sides, and a Sitka spruce top, along with an ES-B pickup and preamp system, that have volume and tone controls and a built-in tuner.

A bass guitar that exists beyond the parameters of what a bass normally has to offer, Master Guitar Designer Andy Powers spent years developing the concept, design, and execution of this instrument, and the special strings that allow it perform as it does. With a 23-1/4” scale, it has a very short string length, nearly 10” shorter than a standard bass guitar. And the small body appears to be derived from Taylor’s Grand Symphony shape.

Taylor Guitars collaborated with D’Addario to invent the unique coated phosphor bronze strings, which have a nylon core, similar to classical guitar strings. And the strings are pinned into the bridge via Taylor’s newly patented “dual-prong bridge pin design,” which allows each string to pass through the bridge pin, so that the ball end anchors securely behind the pin, while the string bends more gradually over the saddle, resulting in a “slinky feel.”

Taylor Guitars conceived GS Mini Bass concept with a guitar player in mind, but quickly realized “this is a bass for a bass player… that’s portable and can go places” or anyone wants to try their hand at playing bass guitar, on an easy to fret neck, in a body size suitable as a sofa instrument or travel instrument.

And if that is not cool enough for you, Taylor also has a new affordable Academy Series of guitars designed with the student musician in mind, or anyone wanting an inexpensive guitar that is actually comfortable to play. And they are coming out with 800 Deluxe versions of their recently revamped 800 Series, with the addition of Adirondack spruce bracing, and Gotoh 510 turners with 21:1 gear ratios. Both the Academy Series and 800 Deluxe models feature instruments with a bass side beveled “arm rest” built in, similar but not exactly the same as the one found in their top of the line 900 Series.

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NAMM News As We Find It

Why 2-3/16″ string spacing, not 2-5/32″? – Reader Q & A

A reader asks why his custom Martin has the string spacing it does.

Leslie in Tennessee writes:

Ok, I guess I’m a guitar geek because I love all of this information! And, it makes me wonder about mine….

Long story short, I played a lot of different Martins, figuring out what I liked. I ended up with a custom, a 000-28, Adi top with 1/4″ scalloped Adi braces, and a 1-3/4″ short-scale mod-low-oval neck.

I did specify short-scale and the 1-3/4″ nut; but I didn’t specify a width for the 12th fret: looking at the build sheet specs, it shows it at 2-1/8″, not a surprise.

But this string spacing is not 2-5/32″, it’s 2-3/16″ (which would be 2-6/32″.)

It’s great, I’m not complaining all, just geeking out, wondering why my custom Martin has wider spacing.

Spoon replies:

First of all, allow me to congratulate you on your taste in guitars.

I have a custom short-scale rosewood 000 with Adirondack top and 1/4″ bracing as well. But mine has the Golden Era neck and 5/16″ string spacing, having been made before all this modern taper business came about.

Your mystery is easily solved. My inner Sherlock Holmes deduces that your guitar was ordered before 2016 and the Custom Shop “starter model” was an OM-28, made with the customizations you requested.

Therefore, it would by default have the High Performance Taper to the fretboard and the corresponding string spacing of 2-3/16″, which Martin changed to 2-5/32″ in January, 2016.

The change came because the right people in the right places (probably touring professionals who Martin actually listens to) complained that it was too easy to pull the high E string off the frets up near the neck. This is an issue I have dubbed string “derailment.”

According to Tim Teel at Martin, “the difference in spacing is literally the width of a unwound light gauge E string.” But he feels it is enough to correct the issue.

When it comes to necks with a modern taper, Taylor and Collings use 2-3/16″ string spacing, as do other brands. So Martin went with that for their new taper, at first.

I have heard of the derailment issue from Collings and Taylor players, but not players of Huss & Dalton guitars, which actually have even wider string spacing of 2-7/32″ for their standard 1-3/4″ neck taper.

H&D does not base anything on the fretboard width at the12th fret. I called to ask, and Mark Dalton told me the measurement there is 2.184″, a smidge narrower than 2-3/16″. So its wider at the 12th fret on their standard taper than on that of Taylor, Collings, or Martin’s High Performance taper, if not by much.

Personally, I believe it is an issue for any guitar with frets cut at too steep an angle, too far into the fret, regardless of the string spacing or taper. But having the string closer to the edge certainly increases the odds of a derailment happening.

The times I have encountered this issue tended to be specific to a guitar, not a across multiple examples of the same model. And I tend to naturally adjust my playing over time to compensate for the occasional derailment of the string.

Since your guitar has the short-scale neck, the string spacing will not be exactly the same as on a long-scale Martin at any point along the string, except right where it terminates at the saddle and nut. If I remember correctly, the strings widen farther up the neck relative to long-scale guitars.

So you may never experience the derailment issue. Plus, your frets might not be cut as severely as guitars that have the issue.


Taylor Florentine Limited Editions

Flamed Mahogany, Quilted Sapele and Blackheart Sassafras with Taylor Florentine cutaways

Tonewoods from South America, Africa, and Tasmania married to American spruce

A new limited edition series designed by master builder Andy Powers

Each guitar is offered in Taylor’s popular “Grand Auditorium” body (size 14) with Sitka spruce tops and proprietary CV bracing designed for this body, and made from stiff Adirondack spruce. In addition to the on-board Expression System 2 electronics, other high-end features include rosewood binding, rosewood rosette and fret markers with mother of pearl trim, and a full gloss body.

The seldom seen Florentine cutaway offers clean lines that come together in a point like the tip of a crescent moon. It is a nice touch that increases the elegance and exclusivity of these new showcase Taylor Florentine Limiteds.

Taylor florentine limited editions

Official Page for Each Model: 514ce-FM LTD, 514ce-QS LTD, 714ce-S LTD


Taylor 814ce – Review

A refreshed Taylor 814ce offers many reasons why it’s among the world’s most popular acoustic guitars

Impressive to first time players and hardcore Taylor Guitar fans alike

Evenness across the strings and up the neck, nicely balanced between power and sensitivity, the 814ce provides the commanding fundamentals with the high end sparkle and sculpted low end definition, enhanced by the extra warmth and complexity that people look for in a Taylor made from rosewood. There was that exemplary Taylor sound, where strings picked across melodies or fingerstyle patterns retained their identity, with nice separation and precision, no matter how hard or soft they were played. There too were the classic Taylor chords, each fusing the notes together into one colorful entity.

But there was a whole lot more going on when it came to the sonic detail and dynamics in this particular guitar.

“This model didn’t get a makeover, it got seriously buff…”

Read the Full Review of the Taylor 814ce

Taylor 814ce cutaway review

Taylor Guitars at NAMM 2014 – 40 Year Anniversary

Taylor Guitars celebrates their 40th Anniversary in business with a series of special performances, and a whole new bunch of Taylor guitars at NAMM 2014, January 23 -26, in Anaheim, California.

After 40 years making guitars, Taylor has risen to become one of the most popular brands of acoustic guitars in the country. Their fast, sleek necks and on-board electronics are favored by many electric guitarists when the time comes for playing an acoustic guitar on stage. They are also seen in the hands of acoustic-oriented artists like Jewel, Taylor Swift, and Leo Kottke.

For those not able to attend the show, which is not open to the public, Taylor will be streaming live from their showcase area.

The schedule of performances is currently as follows

3:00 p.m.
Alana Springsteen

4:00 p.m.
Vicci Martinez

5:00 p.m.
Johnny Swim

Friday, January 24

3:00 p.m.
Andy Powers and Jack Tempchin

4:00 p.m.
Tori Kelly

5:00 p.m.
Good Old War

Saturday, January 25

3:00 p.m.
Ben Rector

4:00 p.m.
Cody Lovaas

5:00 p.m.
Jason Mraz with Raining Jane

Read More about Taylor Guitars at NAMM  HERE