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There is a lot of news from Laurence Juber

New Juber album with new tunes, new custom Martin guitars, new strings endorsement deal, and a new video interview at Fretboard Journal

I bumped into Laurence Juber as he was coming out of the artist’s lounge before his recent gig at the Cutting Room in New York City. We shared some opinions on torrefied tops, “moon spruce” and caught up in general.

He gave me a copy of his recently released album filled with new tunes, and the first recording of a new guitar. And he has another even newer one soon to be under construction in the Martin custom shop. He also told me he that he was sitting down with Jason Verlinde for a video interview and performance recorded live and unplugged at the offices of Fretboard Journal, which may now be viewed at the bottom of this review.

“If memory serves, this is Juber’s 25th album released under his own name. And like many of them over the past 15 years or so, it includes an array of inventive arrangements of well-known tunes from other writers, mixed with impressive original compositions. As outstanding as some of his earlier endeavors have been, just gets better and better in both modes…”

Read the Full Review and see the Video Interview

Juber Review Photo
photo: S. L. Angiuli

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