Taylor 814ce – Review

A refreshed Taylor 814ce offers many reasons why it’s among the world’s most popular acoustic guitars

Impressive to first time players and hardcore Taylor Guitar fans alike

Evenness across the strings and up the neck, nicely balanced between power and sensitivity, the 814ce provides the commanding fundamentals with the high end sparkle and sculpted low end definition, enhanced by the extra warmth and complexity that people look for in a Taylor made from rosewood. There was that exemplary Taylor sound, where strings picked across melodies or fingerstyle patterns retained their identity, with nice separation and precision, no matter how hard or soft they were played. There too were the classic Taylor chords, each fusing the notes together into one colorful entity.

But there was a whole lot more going on when it came to the sonic detail and dynamics in this particular guitar.

“This model didn’t get a makeover, it got seriously buff…”

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