Tommy Emmanuel – Guitarist Spotlight

Few musicians have absorbed as many sources and genre of music and then given it back to the world in as unique a style and talent as Tommy Emmanuel.

Emmanuel grew up in Australia playing in a family band, starting at age 6. A year later he heard Chet Atkins on the radio for the first time and his own personal yellow brick road was laid before his little feet. Today he is one of the most admired guitarists in the world.

By the time he was 20 he was was making his living as a studio musician and performing in popular bands, as proficient on the drums as the guitar. His solo career took off in the late 1980s, although he continued ensemble work as well. He now lives in Nashville, touring constantly with his trusty acoustic guitars, although his years playing in country and rock n roll groups continues to influence his amazing one-man-band arrangements.

He still gets together with brother Phil when he can. And their duets are a sight to behold and be heard. Here’s something from the days before Tommy went global.

Finally, this video gives a little insight into Emanuel’s personality as an artist and performer, before he wow’s the crowd with his version fo Amazing Grace, inspired by a Chet Atkins arrangement, but taken out beyond new horizons.

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