Lyric Classical Acoustic Microphone by L.R. Baggs

Designed for live performance, the new L.R. Baggs Lyric Classical microphone raises the bar for classical guitar amplification

An internal microphone with a high-quality preamp featuring proprietary anti-noise circuitry, and variable presence adjustment “crafted” expressly for nylon string guitars

The L.R. Baggs Lyric internal microphones use technology found in their famous Anthem pickup system, only without the undersaddle pickup. It is placed on the bridge plate about 3mm from the saddle, and it offers a sound much like an external microphone without the feedback and proximity issues. It also has an internal battery pack, that can be mounted most anywhere, and a volume and presence control that mounts out of site, just inside the sound hole.

While it may condense the tone of the guitar a bit more than a large, external mic, especially when under a harder attack, it really is about the best amplified nylon string guitar sound we have ever heard.

Here is Omar Torrez, one of the “most talented emerging artists on the global music scene today” demonstrating the Lyric Classical microphone has he performs “The Dance (of Leon and Frida)” from his latest album, A Night of Heavy Drinking.

Learn more about the Lyric Classical and other fine products at L.R. Baggs official website HERE

Learn more about Omar Torres at his official website HERE

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Lyric Classical Acoustic Microphone by L.R. Baggs

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