New Martin Guitars

Two Days of New Martin Guitars

No fewer than twenty-four new Martin models were released for Winter NAMM

More than double the typical January release of new Martin guitars for our listening pleasure

Thursday, January 21, 2016, the Winter NAMM Show opened in Anaheim, California. And while Martin dealers converged on that sunny clime to place their orders for these budding beauties, I made my annual pilgrimage to chilly Nazareth, PA, home of the C. F. Martin & Co., est. 1833.

There, I could actually hear what these new Martins sound like, far from the white noise of the vast trade show floor.

New Martin Guitars OMC-18E Spoon Phillips

Read all about my first impressions of the new Martin Guitars for 2016 and see the sampler videos for the Authentics, Limited Editions, and the Core Ranger models.





3 thoughts on “New Martin Guitars

  1. Thank you for sharing the samplers and the treat you experienced of playing these new models. There were some really beautiful sounding guitars. I particularly loved the tone and balance of the CS-OM True North-16. I looked them up on the Martin Guitar site to check what tone-woods were used. I was quite shocked to see the high MAPs for the Authentics and limited edition custom models, but as your review shows, you can still have a great sounding Martin for a lot less.

    1. Thank you Mike. Do check with your favorite Martin dealer, as most will sell Martins below MAP, they are just not allowed to advertise their true price. But any Martin that has abalone pearl trim around sides is going to be pricey, and the special ones like the True North and the Authentics, especially so.

  2. Firstly, I want to thank you for your informative insights into some wonderful Martins. Your reviews have helped me in choosing my Martin guitars, and everything you wrote about them was accurate. I look forward to an in depth review of the 000-42 Authentic, even though I’m not a big fan of all that bling.

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