1-23-2016 Guitar Comparison Needs Your Ears

While I iron out some technical difficulties with my sound editing situation, it will be early next week before I can post any videos or reviews of the 2016 Martins. So I thought I might offer instead something I have wanted to post for some time.

Here is an A/B comparison of two similar guitars, via three short excerpts of music. It is a .wav file that I put on Youtube with a blank background.

I would love to hear what people think, and more importantly what they HEAR.

How are they different? Which has more of X or less of Y? How are they similar? If you think they are in certain ways, a lot or a little.

Hear the guitars and leave your comments HERE

4 thoughts on “1-23-2016 Guitar Comparison Needs Your Ears

  1. Yesterday I posted on YouTube that #2 seemed brighter, but after re-listening today I’ve changed my mind – the trebles on #1 are sharper, even more “tinny” – and on #2 sound “fatter”. I think there is a bit more string slap/twang from the plucking on the third song on #2 which I initially heard as tone but now suspect technique.

  2. #1 is more focused in the upper register whereas #2 is deeper and more resonant. I would hazard a guess that they have different woods and that # 1 is a 14 fret and #2 is a 12 fret guitar

  3. the two guitars-#1 has more treble, sustain sounds boxed. #2 has pronounced bass-line picking with a filtered, mid=range tone with quick decay.

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