Martin D-28B and D-45B Brazilian Rosewood Edition

Martin is making a small edition of Brazilian rosewood dreadnoughts, called the D-28B and D-45B.

They were offered for sale at Summer NAMM in Nashville (currently happening this weekend.)

I remembered to ask about this while having lunch with a group of folks from Martin executives and senior management, just before I returned to NYC. They could not remember off hand exactly how many D-28B and D-45 guitars are being made. But it is an equal number, and Martin dealers are required to buy one of each if they want any at all.

So, to be able to sell the $20K list price D-28B, a dealer must also purchase for sale the $45K list price D-45B. Prices are approximate, as they were speaking off hand in a restaurant out of town, so the specifics where not readily available.

UPDATE: As promised here is more information about these models.

* They are making 15 D-45B instruments. They are making the same amount of the D-28B.

* Both instruments are made with hide glue construction throughout.

* Both instruments have Grade 8 Adirondack spruce tops.

* Both instruments get bracing pattern DOMLE #3A, which I believe translates to “forward shifted.” (DOM means 14-fret dreadnought, LE means limited edition, i.e. not standard.)

* The 45 gets GE scalloped bracing.

* The 28 gets Standard scalloped bracing. (i.e. Vintage Series, D-45, 42, 41, HD-28)

* Both instruments have the traditional fingerboard taper.

* The 45 gets a 1-3/4″ Modified V neck

* The 28 gets a 1-3/4″ Low Profile neck

* Both instruments get the drop-in long saddle with 2-5/16″ spacing.

* The 45 gets grained ivoroid binding

* The 28 gets Antique White boltaron binding.

* The 28 gets the fine herringbone purfling, long-pattern diamonds and squares fret markers, zig-zag back strip of the Marquis/GEs.

* The 45 gets the snowflakes fingerboard, mitered corners on the purfling, and wood fiber trim of the Marquis/GEs.

* Both instruments get Aging toner, but the 45 does not get it on the purfling or rosette. (Same toner currently used on the Standard OM-28 and new D-28.)

If you are interested, I would write Martin and ask for a list of dealer who bought them.


5 thoughts on “Martin D-28B and D-45B Brazilian Rosewood Edition

  1. I agree that a Martin logo on the headstock is certainly a plus. I have always wanted the Stephen Stills D, that being said, Thanks for any input.I saw one with the asking price at 40K. Wondering if it is that collectable. Gruhn has a 1987 # 1 of 50 D45 LE. Sure would like to have that one. Beautiful Brazilian.

  2. I have a ’51 D28 and a ’56 D-28 and there is no way I would part with either one for this new D-28B. I would certainly look for a 50’s D-28 if I were in the market for one, for a lot less money and most likely a better sound.

    1. Why would you look for a 50’s D-28 when you have two very nice ones already? 🙂

      There are many reasons why someone would be happier with a D-28 from the 1950s or 1960s. But there are many reasons why someone might rather have the new guitar, with the Martin warranty and a 1-3/4″ Low Profile neck being among them rather than a thicker V’d neck with a 1-11/16″ width at nut. As is the fact some people simply want to be the original owner of a brand new Martin guitar for a price that similar to what ’50s D-28s are selling for on Ebay and in many guitar shops.

      And “better sound” is very much a matter of opinion, Sitka spruce with straight braces will sound better to some ears, while others will prefer the forward-shifted scalloped braced Adirondack spruce on the model.

      1. What I am saying is a D28B for 20K is a little extreme. I know all the variables but for me I would look for a older Martin w/ Brazilian.

        1. Well $20K is the list price. Many dealers sell Martins at 40% off of List Price, although they are not allowed to advertise that.

          I am sure there are a great many people who feel it is too much for a new Martin just because it has Brazilian rosewood and there are many other builders who would build a similar guitar for less. But Martin knows many people will step and pay it to get C. F. Martin on the headstock. No other guitar is a Martin.

          Prior to this model, any Custom Shop order at Martin that asked for Brazilian rosewood had $25,000 added to the list price, just for the rosewood.

          So the list price of this model is already around $10K less than if someone had ordered the exact same guitar from the Custom Shop as one-off personal guitar.

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