David Gahr Photography

The evocative time capsule photographs from the estate of David Gahr resurrect some of popular music’s most beloved artists in their prime, at the Morrison Hotel Gallery, in Soho, NYC.

From Leonard Bernstein to Patti Smith, a young Willie Nelson to a very young Bruce Springsteen, the royalty of Jazz, Folk, Blues and Rock n Roll preserved by David Gahr in living black and white.

Clowning around, or intent in their work, with joyous expressions or taken in moments of deep reflection, there is an intimacy to these pictures that seem to capture the personality of the personalities, as if one might still hear the breathing or the laughter if they listened hard enough.

These limited edition prints are available for sale and can be viewed here:


Or better yet, see them up close and in person.

The gallery is at 124 Prince Street, between Wooster and Greene.

I wish I could afford all of them!

Special thanks to Stan Jay of Mandolin Brothers for the heads up on this wonderful display of David Gahr photography!


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