Martin CEO-9 Video Review

Companion Video of the Martin CEO-9

The in-depth review is soon to appear at One Man’s Guitar

The CEO-9 is the ninth model designed by Chief Executive Office C. F. Martin IV. Like its predecessors, it showcases alternative materials and design elements outside the traditional Martin box.

It has the same body size and neck as the CEO-7, but different woods, looks, and special construction features.

I have taken some grief lately by internet flamers who feel I am too enthusiastic about my Martin guitar reviews. But I gotta say, the 2019 Martin models are extraordinarily impressive, from the new Modern Deluxe Series to the amazingly toneful D-42 Custom, to the other limited editions. And this CEO-9 right up there with the best of them. I would truly love to own one for my very own.

3 thoughts on “Martin CEO-9 Video Review

  1. Thanks for your review!! I’m really wanting this guitar but I’m a small person, 5’2” with very small hands and the neck size makes me a little nervous but man it’s beautiful and for a smaller guitar I’m thinking it might be a good fit for me!! I also wasn’t sure about the mango .. it’s beautiful, but the sound I wasn’t sure so thanks for this video!!

  2. Hello. I’ve been reading your website and enjoy watching your videos. Hoping you feel the support from your fans..Sorry you had to deal with the internet trolls.

    I was really impressed by the tone and of the mango wood. Full spectrum and round. Makes a worthy contender with the all mahogany or all koa at the very least.

    1. Thanks Tom!

      I agree about the mango wood. I have heard others say they liked it as a tonewood, but this was my first experience. Hardwood tops are not usually this alive this new. I have to wonder how much of the tone is at least helped by the composite bridge plate and the special bridge pins.

      Now I want to hear an all-mahogany or all-koa guitar with those features.

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