May 3 Guitar Recording Microphone Tests

Help Spoon Toward His Next Album – which microphone?

The previous test had some tech flaws. This one is better.

You can listen to the MP3 online.

But you must go to the link and download the actual wav file if you want to hear the hi res version. (click on the upper right where it says SOUNDCLOUD.)

Please let me know which of these 8 mic parings you like best, you can comment on as many as you wish.


Blind Test for Now. I will reveal the mics in a few days.

Same guitar, and the mics were set up in the same positions and same distance from the guitar (quick measuring tape confirmations.)

One of the six examples sounds much more like the actual guitar than the others. But for me that is not important, compared to what listeners hear and “that sounds good” or “pleasing” or “listenable without fatigue” etc., when it comes to someone listening to a 45 minute album of guitar music, etc.

There was no EQ or compression etc. I just played the same piece over and over six times, as fast as I could switch microphones and adjust levels.

I was surprised how different some of them sound in terms spacial effect in the virtual soundstage.

I am curious to know what YOU hear, think about the six mic pairings in this test. Which one(s) do you like?

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2 thoughts on “May 3 Guitar Recording Microphone Tests

  1. Well, they are all similar and just fine, at least through standard issue desktop computer speakers. #1 had seemed to pick up on the natural reverb of the guitar/room. #2 seemed muted by comparison. #3 and #4 seemed to cut the highs a bit but seemed natural. #5 maybe carried those highs better. # 6 seemed the most balanced. #7 and #8 (?out of ?6) were similar to #3 and #4. If forced to choose I’d go with # 1 or #6.
    Now, you’re going to reveal that they are all the same, right? Like a psychology experiment?

    1. 🙂

      No, but they would sound more similar on computer speakers than higher grade audio equipment, and especially if you are listening to the on-line PC.

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