Comparing Two Martin Guitars

What do YOU hear when listening to these two Martin guitars?

A friend is thinking of buying a guitar and we were sitting around playing a couple Martin guitars, when I thought it might prove helpful to get some blind taste test opinions when comparing these two guitars.

Captured with a Zoom H1, hand held recorder, this was an impromptu recording and not meant to be polished performances or even in tune guitars. But it does a pretty good job of capturing the personalities of each guitar.

No compression or special effects, the file was just dumped into Reaper and cut up and rendered in its present state.

There are two different guitarists, each plays Guitar #1 followed by Guitar #2.

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Each guitar has its own personality even within the same model or very similar models, as anyone knows who has sat in a guitar shop and played two or three different D-28s side by side.

Give these a listen and see how you feel they differ, or not, and what you like about one or the other or not etc.

And if you were going to buy one of them, which one might you choose?

We and our readers would very much like to hear what YOU think.

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