NAMM 2015 Martin Guitar Compilation Video

Here is the sneak preview of the video I shot on Thursday of the NAMM 2015 Martin Guitar offerings.

A full-length video of each model will appear with the exclusive written review at One Man’s Guitar, approximately once a week.

Information relating to all sorts of NAMM-related products from various companies will be receive attention in the coming week. But first things first. I spent the biggest night of NAMM at home in front of my computer, synching and editing the exclusive video I shot of the NAMM 2015 Martin guitars, during my annual NAMM day visit to the Martin factory in Nazareth, Pennsylvania.

I sat down at 3PM with the videos already synched to audio, ready to begin splicing together the annual compilation video. I finished at 3 AM. And now that it has processed on Youtube, here it is.

Watch on YouTube in full 1080p HD

For more information about torrefaction processes and how they relate to luthiery, and on Martin’s proprietary VTS version of torrefaction, please go HERE.

5 thoughts on “NAMM 2015 Martin Guitar Compilation Video

  1. PLEASE bring back the Low-Profile neck shape in the OM line complete with the extra fingerboard real estate. The parallel PA stuff ain’t gettin’ it. And please, no more plastic. There is something about real wood on an acoustic guitar that is very important. If I want plastic I’ll buy a blender. Thanks and be well.

  2. The DJr really surprised me. The new Purple Martin sounds amazing. And as always Great playing and well done videos!

  3. Thank you for video. Clearly the best was the Om 45 1930 but as I am but a mere mortal I will be buying the wonderful Om 28 authentic 1931. Once again, beautiful playing.

    1. Well thank you Mike. And you are to be envied for your choice. I would love to have one of those 28As myself! But it will not be possible for a long while, if then.

      Fortunately, they should be making them for some time to come. Unfortunately, most of them are already spoken for by people who have eagerly awaited this model for years. While some may find no guitar short of that OM-45A could live up to their imagination, honed by all that waiting and anticipation, I believe most will be extremely happy to have such a guitar in their mits.

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