Michael Hedges – Guitarist Spotlight

Sometimes it seems barely a year since Michael Hedges died, back in 1997, untimely failing to navigate the curve of a mountain road near his California home.

His music is just so alive, timeless, and perhaps even from another time if not another dimension.

Michael Hedges was an enormous influence and inspiration who opened vistas of possibility for guitarists everywhere. Also, he forever ended the argument that 14-fret dreadnoughts like his 1971 Martin D-28 were only for Country Western and Bluegrass.

They are also for boogieing…

And for trips to inner-space, as Ariel Boundaries is my all-time favorite piece of music to listen to while melting away my cares in a steaming hot bath.

Here he is playing Bach on his vintage harp guitar.

Michael Hedges also sang and did interesting covers of popular songs by artists he admired. And here for those who want more, is a full public performance, the very last one captured on video before he passed away too young and far too soon.

Michael Hedges, an original, often copied but never replaced.

Michael Hedges official website spiral

Official Michael Hedges website

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2 thoughts on “Michael Hedges – Guitarist Spotlight

  1. Great stuff! I was lucky enough to catch his act in the early ’90s when he opened for CSN at the Mann Music center, Philly. Awesome!

    1. Thank you for this comment. I was trying to remember when I saw him and thought it was at the Mann and for CSN.

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