Martin 00-28 Review

The seldom made Martin 00-28 in a triumphant return

Marvelous rosewood tone from the grand concert powerhouse 00-28 is first rate

Specs include: Solid tonewoods with Indian rosewood back and sides, Sitka spruce top, ebony fingerboard and bridge, scalloped 1/4″ Sitka spruce bracing; high gloss nitrocellulose finish; short-scale, satin finished mahogany High Performance neck, with 1-3/4″ width at nut, 2-1/8″ at the 12th fret, 2-5/32″ string spacing; bone nut and saddle; open back nickle tuners with “clove” knobs; mother of pearl dot fret markers, black pickguard, white biding.

“Singing with silvery purity up high, commanding mids, and full-bodied lows, all riding atop the lush and lovely depths saturated with what I call that “smoky rosewood presence,” the new 00-28 provides classic, nay even legendary Martin guitar tone.”

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4 thoughts on “Martin 00-28 Review

  1. I love your reviews, I truly enjoy them. I’m wondering wether I should buy a 00-18 or a 00-28. Having read your reviews it seems clear that both guitars are fine instruments, just a matter of wood/sound preference. I know this depends on many aspects (and I will try to play them before I buy them) but, which one would you recommend for a solo male baritone singer? (folk, soul, blues, mainly light strumming). I would greatly appreciate your opinion. Thanks and congratulations on your reviews 🙂

    1. Hi Joan, and thank you for your comment and query.

      Well personally, since you asked, I would say the 28 if price is not an issue. I like mahogany a lot and my current main gigging guitar is made from mahogany with a Sitka top. But if I could have the same neck and cutway configuration in rosewood, I would like that better.

      I will tell you that I am sideman for Paul Ukena Jr. who was a baritone on Broadway and Off-Broadway for over twenty years, and the son of the former principal baritone for NY City Opera. At any given rehearsal Paul may show up with his mahogany Martin or his rosewood Martin and loves them both, and loves the fact they are so different. He performs with the mahogany because it has two more frets and cost less, so that was the one that had chose for a pickup installation.

      The darker, fuller, more complex rosewood voice is often thought to be good for solo performing. And I do tend to like it for that purpose myself. In a subtle way it adds some color to the accompaniment.

      Others may argue that the unfettered fundamental notes of mahogany are the better choice, as that sort of voice is direct but musical, and provides pretty music that allows the singing to be the most varied and complex element.

      I realize that doesn’t help much. So I will say that some people would play both and be totally all about one and other people would have a hard time deciding, since they are different but both very good. And that doesn’t help much either. 🙂

      And on top of it all, the differences are actually pretty subtle when everyone is paying attention to the singing and the song, and even more so if you are relying on electronic pickups to amplify the instrument. The fact the singer has a fabulous Martin 00 is perhaps the most important thing. They really are fantastic, the both of them.

      1. Hi Spoon,
        Thanks so much for your very detailed answer. I was very happy to see it. Being such a subjective matter, I think you explained it really well and gave me a better idea of what kind of animals are these two guitars. The last line really gave me comfort as after many years playing guitars under 800$ I’ve finally decided to get a good one. Luckily I asked a local shop here in Barcelona (Spain) if they could bring both guitars to the shop so that I could try them both before deciding which one to buy and they said Yes! I can’t wait to play them. I was leaning more towards mahogany but after what you said I’ll seriously consider rosewood too. Thanks again for your reply and for sharing your knowledge, I appreciate it very much. Keep up the excellent reviews!

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