International readership on the rise

International readership increasing at One Man’s Guitar

Welcome to our friends from abroad

I am happy to report that One Man’s guitar is now getting more visitors via search engines than links posted on guitar forums. Many of them are on overseas networks. While we are most popular with Americans, international readership will hopefully continue to increase as more people learn about the site.

I have received email over the years from many people over seas and from every continent but Antarctica, seeking my advice on guitars, or asking me if I could go play a guitar in a local shop that someone was thinking of buying. It is gratifying that so many  new people from all over America and the rest of the world are discovering the new website and are hopefully finding worth their while.

And just as it is greatly appreciated when someone posts a link to one of our reviews, articles or videos on guitar forums like the Unofficial Guitar Forum, the Acoustic Guitar Forum, Acusticamente, etc. it is very nice to see so many visits from people who found us by searching on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Just today we have hits from the following Google entities:





the Maldives (!)

New Zealand


and the UK

And we had visits from many others, like India, Russia and Hong Kong.

Please feel free to leave comments and suggestions when you visit our pages. And don’t forget to “like” our Youtube videos, if you in fact like them!


And that is one man’s word on…

International readership at One Man’s guitar

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