CS-00S-14 Traditional 12-fret 00 Meets Future

From the Custom Shop comes, the CS-00S-14

The first Martin made of Honduras rosewood is a marriage of classic and contemporary design with other notable elements, both ancient and futuristic, never before seen on a Martin.

A carbon fiber neck rod and Martin’s first foray into the world of torrefied wood, adds exciting new facets to one of the most classic guitar designs of all time, the 12-fret 00.

“If the CS-00S-14 is anything, it is resonant. It comes alive with the lightest touch, and it feels alive…  from the warmth glowing out of the bottom end and a low E string impressive for this body size, a fatness to the midrange strings that reaches down like a pillar into the echoing cellar below the top voice, and trebles with a distinct chime that leaps out, with a vintage-like openness directly under them, but reflecting harmonics off the midrange like the surface of a mirrored pond disturbed by the sound waves firing off that crystalline fundamental chime. It is a sophisticated voice…”

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