NAMM 2023 – Fishman AFX Pro EQ Mini Pedal

Acoustic Guitar Preamp & EQ Acoustic Pedal

Five Bands Include Low Cut and Brilliance, Plus Phase Control

One Man's Guitar One Man's Guitar

Features Include:

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One Man's Guitar One Man's Guitar One Man's Guitar One Man's Guitar

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NAMM 2023 – LR Baggs HiFi

HiFi Game Changer from L. R. Baggs

High-Fidelity Acoustic Bridge Plate Pickup System

If this is truly only the direct signal heard in this video, I must say this could be a game changer. This ship to dealers in May 2023. I look forward to the independent reviews.

Baggs claims that their new HiFi system offers  two bridge plate sensors in a non-invasive design featuring high-fidelity electronics. The holy grail of dynamics, definition, and balance, is promised to be achieved with good feedback resistance. Peel-and-stick installation seems similar to the K&K method and the pickups are light of weight, enough to have no discernible effect on the natural acoustic tone. The onboard preamp is designed to get the best tone from these new pickups. It also comes with a tone and volume control accessible along the rim of the sound hole. $199.