Martin Nephew Elected to Board of Directors

C.F. Martin & Co. Elects New Board Member

Matthew Kennedy joins Martin’s Board of Directors

Lehigh Valley, PA.— Wednesday, March 23, 2022—C.F. Martin & Co. announced today that Matthew Kennedy has been elected to the company’s Board of Directors.

The nephew of Chris and Diane Martin, Kennedy has been a full-time employee of Martin for nearly a decade and has held a seat on the board of the Martin Guitar Charitable Foundation where he has served with integrity and passion since December 4, 2020.

“Matt will be assuming Diane’s position as a representative of the Martin family, along with me, on the board of our closely held family business,” said Chris Martin. “Matt shares many of the values that made Diane an incredibly kind and beloved human being to everyone who knew her. She and Matt have always shared a fair and just outlook on life and business, carrying on their duties without privilege or ego. I look forward to helping Matt learn about how to guide our precious family business into the future.”

Currently a Project Manager, Kennedy started his journey with Martin on the manufacturing floor and has held various positions throughout the organization. By working alongside coworkers in each area for extended periods, Kennedy was able to understand the unique opportunities and challenges that the employees face on a daily basis. It is through this ongoing immersive experience that he hopes to bring the voice of every employee into the board room.

“I’m truly honored to accept a position on Martin’s Board of Directors,” said Kennedy. “I hope to make my aunt proud by ensuring that her never-ending voice for inclusivity and equality continues to resound with each decision that is made on behalf of the board. I feel a deep sense of responsibility to do what I can to make sure my family’s business and all of my coworkers continue to thrive for the foreseeable future.”

Kennedy holds a BS from Bloomsburg University with a dual major in Computer Science and Philosophy. He is currently pursuing his MBA in Project Management from DeSales University.

I have long been privy to the internal speculation that Mr. Kennedy was being groomed toward possibly being the next family member to head this venerable American family-owned business. Here’s to wishing him every bit of good luck possible.