Transatlantic Sessions Guitars Shine

I attended the final show of the Transatlantic Sessions Tour, which featured Jerry Douglas and a host of UK, Irish, and American musicians, including several A List special guests.

There were acoustic guitars there by multiple Martins, as well as single representatives from Beard (Jerry’s Dobro style resonator guitar,) Collings, Gibson, Greven, Huss & Dalton, Lowden, Martin as well as John Doyle’s hybrid bouzouki-guitar by Kevin Muiderman, and Sarah Jaroz’s archtop octave mandolin by Fletcher Brock.

And all of them were put to excellent use.

You can see some video excerpts of the show HERE.

transatlantic sessions

Alison Krauss and the Boys – Bluegrass Jam

Hump Day Pick-Me-Up: Alison Krauss lightenin’ up the stage

with Jerry Douglas on the Dobro, Dan Tyminski on guitar, Ron Block on banjo, and Barry Bales on the bass.

That’s a 1946 D-28 herringbone, with a Sitka top that Tyminski is tickling so well it practically laughs.

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