The Lost D-18 of Janis Ian

Love, loss, and faith renewed, as only Janis Ian can render

A touching tale from a brilliant storyteller

Over drinks this weekend, a friend showed surprise when he found out that I had not heard the story of Janis Ian’s lost Martin D-18.

So, he sent a link to the story as published in Songwriter Magazine, now available on her own website.

I happened to visiting my mom when I received the link. For the benefit of my mother’s aged eyesight, I read this story aloud. When I looked up at the end, tears were streaming down my her cheeks and she was sniffling and laughing at her own outpouring of emotion.

But then, emotional impact is something Janis Ian has been providing the general public since she was a teenager, through such songs as “Society’s Child” and “At 17.”

So, do yourself a favor and check this out!

On Guitars & Righteous Men by Janis Ian