Taylor Guitars Winter NAMM 2017 Highlights

New offerings from Taylor Guitars at NAMM 2017 have style and comfort in mind

New beveled armrests are found in new affordable and deluxe models, and of all things a comfortable couch bass guitar appears.

NAMM Booth 213

Apeaking of beveled armrests, one can be found on Dream  John Petrucci Artist Choice 916cee limited edition. The Dream Theater guitarist was on hand at the Taylor booth to play #1 of the edition.

This Grand Symphony size guitar has the same top-shelf Indian rosewood and Sitka spruce, and opulent inlays of the 916ce acoustic-electric model, along with a special label signed by Petrucci and Bob Taylor.

Just 50 instruments will be for sale, exclusively through Guitar Center , with another 20 sold in the overseas markets. And it comes with Petrurcci’s preferred Ernie Ball Earthwood strings, a custom DiMarzio JP guitar strap, a boxed set of 4 vinyl LPs entitled ‘The Astonishing.”

Taylor GS Mini Bass NAMM 2017 One Man's Guitar onemanz

While cool, perhaps their coolest newbie is the little GS Mini Bass.

It has layered sapele veneer for the back and sides, and a Sitka spruce top, along with an ES-B pickup and preamp system, that have volume and tone controls and a built-in tuner.

A bass guitar that exists beyond the parameters of what a bass normally has to offer, Master Guitar Designer Andy Powers spent years developing the concept, design, and execution of this instrument, and the special strings that allow it perform as it does. With a 23-1/4” scale, it has a very short string length, nearly 10” shorter than a standard bass guitar. And the small body appears to be derived from Taylor’s Grand Symphony shape.

Taylor Guitars collaborated with D’Addario to invent the unique coated phosphor bronze strings, which have a nylon core, similar to classical guitar strings. And the strings are pinned into the bridge via Taylor’s newly patented “dual-prong bridge pin design,” which allows each string to pass through the bridge pin, so that the ball end anchors securely behind the pin, while the string bends more gradually over the saddle, resulting in a “slinky feel.”

Taylor Guitars conceived GS Mini Bass concept with a guitar player in mind, but quickly realized “this is a bass for a bass player… that’s portable and can go places” or anyone wants to try their hand at playing bass guitar, on an easy to fret neck, in a body size suitable as a sofa instrument or travel instrument.

And if that is not cool enough for you, Taylor also has a new affordable Academy Series of guitars designed with the student musician in mind, or anyone wanting an inexpensive guitar that is actually comfortable to play. And they are coming out with 800 Deluxe versions of their recently revamped 800 Series, with the addition of Adirondack spruce bracing, and Gotoh 510 turners with 21:1 gear ratios. Both the Academy Series and 800 Deluxe models feature instruments with a bass side beveled “arm rest” built in, similar but not exactly the same as the one found in their top of the line 900 Series.

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