Martin 00L Earth Announced for 2021 NAMM

C. F. Martin’s commitment to combating Climate Change embodied in the 00L Earth

New slope shoulder Grand Concert size acoustic guitar made from Forest Stewardship Council certified woods, the 00L Earth is 100% plastic free

Martin 00L Earth One Man's Guitar onemanz art

00L Earth Specs Include

14-fret Slope Shoulder 00 (Grand Concert size) body; FSC*-certified all-solid tonewoods, including sapele back and sides, Sitka spruce top with artwork by Robert Goetzl, scalloped 1/4″ bracing, wood fiber trim; 24.9″ short-scale sipo neck with Modified Low Oval Profile, Simple Dovetail neck joint; ebony fingerboard with High Performance Taper (1-3/4″ width at bone nut, 2-1/8″ at 12th fret,) sapele position markers in 1955 Style 18, aluminum side dots; ebony belly bridge with bone saddle and 2-5/32″ string spacing; Flamed European maple bindings; satin finish; comes with environmentally-friendly hemp gig bag

List Price: $2,249.00

*Forestry Stewardship Council certification ensures that products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits for the forest and its local inhabitants.

NAZARETH, Pa. – January 12, 2021 – C. F. Martin & Co.® (Martin®) will introduce the 00L Earth guitar

Martin 00L Earth full One Man's Guitar onemanz

On March 15, 2019, artist Robert Goetzl watched the news in awe as a million students, across 125 countries, took part in the School Strike for Climate, an international movement of students who skip Friday classes in protest to demand action from political leaders against climate change. The movement started in 2018, when Greta Thunberg, a then 16-year-old activist from Sweden, staged a lone protest outside the Swedish Parliament holding a sign that read “School strike for climate,” inspiring students across the globe to stand together to fight for the future of the planet.

The movement fanned a flame in Goetzl that had been slowly burning for many years. He wanted to use his talent to become part of the solution, so he immediately dropped what he was doing and painted a watercolor of the earth. His hope was that it would one day adorn the top of a Martin guitar that could be used to bring awareness to the urgent need for climate action.

Upon completing the painting, Goetzl wasted no time, driving to Nazareth to share his idea with Martin Chairman and CEO Chris Martin. Like Goetzl, the sixth-generation leader has a deep passion for fighting climate change and preserving the earth for future generations. This shared passion, reignited by the energy and perseverance of this new generation of activists, put into motion the plans to develop what is now being introduced as the Martin 00L Earth guitar—the first acoustic guitar that is 100% FSC® certified AND 100% plastic-free.

Robert Goetzl_One Man's Guitar onemanz

“When I first heard this eloquent young woman, Greta Thunberg, speak so passionately about climate change, I was immediately inspired and thought, why not design a guitar with a visual element as a tool to promote the message ‘Save the Earth,’” said Goetzl. “Perhaps this is a way to help raise awareness of resource sustainability and our society’s failure to take action against the global crisis that this troubled planet is facing.”

With CEO Chris Martin’s blessing, Goetzl set about doing what he does best—turning his initial ideas into refined art—and he later presented several variations to the Martin team. The final design featured the earth and stars with a beautiful light burst peaking over the horizon.

While Goetzl was finalizing the artwork, Martin Lead Instrument Designer Tim Teel and former Martin Green Team Leader Chris Thomas began working on building out the model that would ultimately become the master canvas for Goetzl’s artwork. Teel and Thomas decided to use the framework from the Martin 17 Series and then went on to collaborate with many colleagues throughout the company to select and source only materials that are 100% FSC certified and free of all man-made plastics. Even the gig bag was specially sourced and made with hemp, a fast-growing and highly sustainable material, another first for the company.

“I respect working for a company that takes environmental issues seriously,” said Teel. “This project illustrates the importance of our planet and is depicted in this amazing graphic by Robert Goetzl. By using responsibly harvested materials, we will ensure the next generation of musicians and luthiers will have great tonewoods to choose from when designing, building, and playing stringed instruments of the future.”

Martin chose to go plastic-free with this model because single-use plastic is destroying entire ecosystems and greatly contributes to global warming. The world urgently needs to reduce single-use plastic, and Martin hopes  this guitar will be another vehicle for spreading the message.

“There’s so much that we can do as individuals to fight climate change in our daily lives,” said Chris Martin. “Yet we are continually looking for ways that our company can inspire musicians and their fans to take action. Not just on Earth Day, but every day. Music has always been a powerful tool for bringing people together for change.”

The guitar is priced at $2,249.

In honor of the 00L Earth guitar, Martin will make a charitable donation to the Rainforest Alliance.

FSC Certified Logo One Man's Guitar onemanz

If you would like to learn more about this or any of the 2021 Martin guitars, drop us a line at

Due to COVID-19 Restrictions I will be unable to make my annual visit to C. F. Martin & Co. for a hands and ears on review of the Winter NAMM Martins.  I shall however be sharing as much information as I am permitted to, as soon as I can.

I hope to get my usual videos of many new Martins created once Martin feels it is safe for me and them to have me pay a visit to Nazareth, PA.

Full 00L Earth Spec Sheet Here

Martins for Summer NAMM 2017

A little something for everyone as Summer NAMM Martin guitars are officially announced

Including the NEW D-28

 Beloved personalities honored with unique models, and the Standard Series receives a half dozen new acoustic-electric models without cutaways!

Exclusivee in-depth reviews of many of these new Martins will follow in the coming weeks.

Although Summer NAMM does not open its doors until July 13, 2017, C. F. Martin & Co. has officially announced their new guitars ahead of time, creating some heated buzz as summer gets underway.

The NEW 2017 D-28

Only about time the D-28 got the makeover similar to the D-18, combining specs of the now defunct Vintage Series with the today’s High Performance neck. The looks are that of a post-war D-28, but with forward-shifted bracing. I have confirmed this is not a typo – model has forward-shifted NON-scalloped braces – the first cataloged dreadnought with this spec.

NAMM D-28 2017 1

List Price: $3,299

Beloved Personalities Honored

NAMM Jason Isbell D-18 1 NAMM d-boak Inside Out 1 NAMM Ed Sheeran Martin X 3

d-boak Inside Out

Martin’s own Dick Boak has been honored with a special edition celebrating his artwork and his long career at C. F. Martin, which comes to a close in January as he takes a well-earned retirement.

This Sitka spruce-topped Dreadnought has the forward-shifted scalloped bracing and genuine Mahogany back and sides that he loves, with some beautiful soundboard artwork of his own design, inspired by some of his earlier illustrations and his admiration for the Martin-invented X bracing, that he shares with the wider world, by letting them “see through” the top to the bracing beneath.

Read our exclusive interview with Dick Boak regarding the fascinating development and realization of this unique project.

List Price: $2,999

NAMM d-boak in space

D-18 Jason Isbell

As part of his long love affair with Martin guitars, singer-songwriter Jason Isbell has been recently playing a D-18 Authentic 1937, when not playing his D-28E Retro, D-42, and D-41 Special, to name but a few. And now he is being honored with his own signature model.

It has the same 1-11/16” V neck and rear shifted bracing of his Authentic 1939, along with hide glue construction and thin finish, but it has the bracing has the scalloping and non-tucked bridge plate of the D-18 Golden Era model, no pickguard, a straight pyramid bridge (whaaaaat?) and the fretboard has a custom inlay at the 12th fret of one of his tattoos.

List Price: $5,999

NAMM Jason Isbell D-18 1

D-18RG – Robert Goetzl

Fine artist Robert F. Goetzl has created artwork for Martin Guitars for some time, while keeping things in the family. After all, his mother is the sister of Chris Martin’s mother.

And his contributions to the world of fine arts is being honored with a special D-18, which features stunning artwork of a soaring eagle and a Native American in the traditional dress of a Lakota Sioux tribal chief. One guitar from this special edition is being donated to the Native American Heritage Association, which raises awareness and charitable funds for South Dakota’s impoverished Crow Creek and Pine Ridge Reservations.

List Price: $4,699

NAMM D-18 RG Lakota Sioux 1

Ed Sheeran ÷

In six short years young Ed Sheeran has gone from the smallest stage at the Glastonbury Festival to closing the festival from the main stage, before 100,000+ fans knowing all the words as they sang along to his many hit songs, performed all by himself on his wee “Little Martin” guitar, to thunderous applause.

The third iteration of an LX Ed Sheeran Martin joins a collection of small guitars with huge popularity and phenomenal power to entertain, at least when in the hands of Mr. Sheeran himself. This is the exact same model he used at Glastonbury.

List Price: $699

NAMM Ed Sheeran 1

History Revisited

Model America 1

In 1906, three years after Henry Ford sold his first Model A automobile, Martin Guitars created their own Model America. Built for a Mr. Daniel Schuyler of San Diego, CA, it resembled an 0-28 with a unique bridge and some other tweaks of Schuyler’s own patented design. Only two were ever made.

And now, 111, years later, Martin is putting out another Model America and from its number designation, it may not be another century before we see a follow up. This first edition is based on the popular D-18, but is made entirely from products sourced within the United States of America, including sycamore back and sides, Adirondack spruce top and scalloped forward-shifted braces, cherry neck, black walnut bridge and fingerboard. Even the Sperzel tuners are made in the USA.

List Price: $3,499

Photo Not Yet Available

SS-00L Art Deco 2017

The NAMM Show Special is always very special indeed, and only available to Martin dealers who make a personal appearance to order guitars at Martin’s NAMM Show booth.

For Summer NAMM is a stunning slope shoulder 00L size guitar beautified in a Art Deco motif, built in partnership with one of my all-time favorite indie luthiers, Bruce Petros.

List Price: $7,499

NAAM SS-00LArt Deco 2017

Standard Series Acoustic – Electrics

After the Winter NAMM introduction of a new collection of cutaway acoustic-electric models into the revitalized Standard Series, comes non-cutaway versions of basically the same models, and more!

And for the first time, all of these guitars can be ordered with a choice of electronics between the Fishman Aura VT Enhance Duel-Source with a soundboard transducer or L. R. Baggs Anthem Duel-Source with an internal microphone.

The D-35E, GP-18E, GP35-E, GPC16-E, OM-18E, OM-35E will all be welcome additions to the Martin Catalog. And yes you read that right. Martin has FINALLY introduced an OM-18 without a cutaway into the Standard series for the first time ever!


The OM-28E and GPC-28E are conspicuously absent.

I inquired and was informed by Tim Teel, Martin’s Director of Instrument Design, that the decision to use the same styling as the new D-28 2017 was made late into the cycle of new models, and they are not going to be ready for the Nashville show.

Expect an official release later this year. The 00-28 introduced in January will also be revamped to have the same look as the D-28 2017

Latest Americana Series

GPC-16E – This Grand Performance-sized entrant into the Americana 16 Series was originally scheduled for Winter NAMM this past January, but was likewise held in reserve.

The series focuses on domestic American tonewoods. So the shallow body DC-16E is made from sycamore, the OMC-16E is made from cherry, and this new GPC has a back and sides of Hawaiian koa wood under a satin finish, with a Sitka spruce top, scalloped forward-shifted braces, like the GPC-18E, and the red, white, and silver trim exclusive to the 16 Series, along with Fishman Matrix VT Enhance NT2 electronics.

List Price: $2,999

X Marks the Spot

The X Series expands with the 0X2MAE


Made too look similar to the Martin 15 Series instruments, this affordable 0-size guitar will be great for travel or home use.

List Price: $729


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