Martin OMs Making Music

Marshall Fleisher’s Martin OM-42 and Maury Rutch’s OM-28V

Mates of mine meet up at Maury’s, where music magic is made

Check out this series of videos over at Maury’s Music’s blog

Maury's Music guitarist video

Two of my brothers-in-Martin make up the R and F in D.O.R.K.F., the classic rock cover band that perform in Pennsylvania, but once a year with a long list of special guests.

Marshall Fleisher has been journeyman musician since the Woodstock era and is one of those players with a built in encyclopedia of songs and his own arrangements of fingerstyle tunes, who I get to hear at Martinfest and occasionally elsewhere.

Maury Rutch made his living as a performing musician long before he started moonlighting as a dealer in fine Martin, Blue Ridge, Reverend, and Mesa/Boogie music-making machines. And when he’s not out gigging with one of his own bands, he is happy to serve as sideman for visiting musicians, wandering minstrels, or the occasional back alley tomcat.

I could listen to these guys all day long.

Wry Ry Cooder on a Martin D-45

The definitive Vigilante Man, by Ry Cooder

Although I grew up with the original Woody Guthrie version from the ’40s, it is hard to imagine anyone doing this tune better than Ry Cooder

And how about the bass on that early D-45?

Well early in terms of the first ones made since pearl-trimmed Martins were discontinued in 1942.


NAMM 2015 Martin Guitar Compilation Video

Here is the sneak preview of the video I shot on Thursday of the NAMM 2015 Martin Guitar offerings.

A full-length video of each model will appear with the exclusive written review at One Man’s Guitar, approximately once a week.

Information relating to all sorts of NAMM-related products from various companies will be receive attention in the coming week. But first things first. I spent the biggest night of NAMM at home in front of my computer, synching and editing the exclusive video I shot of the NAMM 2015 Martin guitars, during my annual NAMM day visit to the Martin factory in Nazareth, Pennsylvania.

I sat down at 3PM with the videos already synched to audio, ready to begin splicing together the annual compilation video. I finished at 3 AM. And now that it has processed on Youtube, here it is.

Watch on YouTube in full 1080p HD

For more information about torrefaction processes and how they relate to luthiery, and on Martin’s proprietary VTS version of torrefaction, please go HERE.

Martin Guitar Prototypes – Video NAMM Models

New Martin Guitar Prototypes Revealed In Exclusive Video

In Depth Reviews To Follow

2014 Martin Guitars Winter NAMM Sampler Martin guitar prototypes

At the same moment the doors opened at the NAMM trade show out in sunny Southern California, we were in frozen Nazareth, Pennsylvania having lunch with Tim Teel, Head of Instrument Design at C.F. Martin, discussing the 2014 Martin guitars. Dessert consisted of a sampling of seven Martin prototypes, recorded in 1080p hi-def video, which was later synched to hi-def audio recorded in stereo with one large diaphragm microphone and one small diaphragm microphone.

Vote Now for Which 2014 Martin Guitars You Want Reviewed First!


Alison Krauss and the Boys – Bluegrass Jam

Hump Day Pick-Me-Up: Alison Krauss lightenin’ up the stage

with Jerry Douglas on the Dobro, Dan Tyminski on guitar, Ron Block on banjo, and Barry Bales on the bass.

That’s a 1946 D-28 herringbone, with a Sitka top that Tyminski is tickling so well it practically laughs.

Learn more about Alison Krauss and Union Station HERE