Tragedy Strikes Martinfest

A great friend and even greater human being has died.

At long last I can get back to a keyboard to share the very tragic news that Greg Kendig (Kendig97), died suddenly at the end of the first evening of Martinfest.

I got the news as we were on our way to breakfast at the hotel restaurant.

No words can adequately convey the loss for us all, which does not come close to what his wife and family are now suffering.

This has been a year of loss in the dearest, saddest of ways. But no one could have predicted such a tragedy could befall such a strong and vital man, and one of the be persons one could know, at the very event that brought him into all our lives, and which he so loved.

Sunday’s memorial for our departed friends will now be as much for Greg as all the others who have gone before him.

I have suspended posting in my Journal of Adventure for the time being. I will return to it tomorrow, Saturday, if not tonight.

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