The Pink Floyd Reunited and Immortal

Think Pink. Pink Floyd that is

When the Pink Floyd reunited, for the only time, after a quarter of a century, in 2005 for the Live 8 worldwide concerts, it was bittersweet

To see Rick looking practically cured, and Nick looking like some old mathematics teacher if not a conservative Tory MP…

David shorn of hippy dreamboat locks looked more like a slightly sadistic gym teacher or football manager, and Rodger appeared like the aging leading man he was, with what little of his singing voice that remained.

But damn if they weren’t AWESOME none the less!

Only today did I realize they did more than just “Wish You Were Here” and “Comfortably Numb,” which was all that aired in America. They actually did the opening of the Dark Side of the Moon album and “Money” too.
And here is the whole set with enhanced audio.

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