Teletype no. 2117/26 URGENT

To: 61st, 81s, 82nd, 89th Armee-Korps, Military Governor Belgium and Northern France, Armee Group B, 16th Flak Divisionen, Admiral Channel Coast, Luftwaffe Belgium and Northern France.

Message of BBC 21:15 June 5 has been processed.

According to our available records, it means expect Invasion within 48 hours starting 00:00 June 6.

From: Oberstleutnant Helmuth Meyer, Chief of Intelligence, 15th Armee, Pas de Calais, France

Sent: 9:25 PM, GST (10:25 PM British Double Summer Time, 3:25 PM Eastern Standard Time)

A great mystery remains as to how the ONLY German force in Northern France not to receive this warning and be put on Full Alert in the hours before British and American airborne forces began attacking the Calvados Coast of Normandy a little after midnight was the German 7th Armee and their 84th Armee-Korps stationed exactly where the Invasion took place.

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