Planet Earth: One World is All We Got

NASA Time Lapse Video of Earth is Amazing

Hypnotic Life Cycle of Weather Patterns Reveal a Living Planet

And, perhaps unintentionally, how the parched interior of Australia is isolated from it all.

I would love to get a version of this as a screensaver for my computer. But I wish they had found a better soundtrack.

2 thoughts on “Planet Earth: One World is All We Got

  1. The film makes me realize just how dense the cloud cover is for Earth. Clear days and nights seem to becoming rare. Water vapor is by far the most plentiful greenhouse gas in our atmosphere. Very long duration time lapse filming might show our planet getting cloudier as the average global temperature rises. A runaway greenhouse effect would give Earth a total cloud cover, similar to Venus.

    1. While some places get less and less rain and more and more sun, as deserts grow in size. That is what stood out to me about Australia, no clouds ever in that video, over their central desert. But there is little doubt we would become enshrouded in cloud if the Greenhouse Effect runs out of control. At least our clouds aren’t made out of sulfuric acid like they are on Venus. Not yet anyway. :\

      Too bad we do not have video from previous eras. But at least they can track such things now.

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