Good to Know I’m Doing Something Right

While practicing in Prospect Park, a young mother left her spot on the Long Meadow and wheeled the pram containing her sleeping baby toward home.

I almost moved to another location when they arrived, and I had tried to play quietly, assuming they seemed a good ways off.

When she reached the paved walkway, she stopped at my bench and set what looked like a playing card next to me, saying it was just a note she wanted to leave with me. On the reverse were spaced lines, filled with handwriting that said:

“Thank you for playing the guitar so beautifully. It was an honor to listen to & I’m so happy I ended up in this very spot in the park so that your music could fill my ears.”

And she signed it with a first name and a little heart. Ah Spring….!

Propsect Park Long Meadow

Same spot, a few days earlier. This is my office, whenever weather permits.

2 thoughts on “Good to Know I’m Doing Something Right

  1. Cool, man. You must play pretty good.

    And I would like to ask, if you somehow ever have the time, to have more “Artist on Record” reviews on your other site, “One Man’s Guitar.” I read your review of LJ’s “Under an Indigo Sky”, and purchased the album after that. Need more reviews, to get some more leads on some good stuff in the genre of Acoustic Guitar – Instrumental. I like most anything that fits in that, regardless of the type of music played.


    1. Thank you Howard. It is also nice to know I must be doing something right with my reviews.

      I do intended more CD reviews of guitar music. At present I have several projects going on, mainly video reviews of guitars, and some website maintenance.

      But your request is duly noted and appreciated.

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