T Spoon Phillips

Spoon Phillips live in New York City

Seven Pistols, by Spoon Phillips

Bio of T Spoon Phillips

AKA TSP, Todd Stuart Phillips, the guitarist known around the New York City music scene as “Spoon,” regularly appears solo and with acoustic-oriented acts, including the Highland Shatners, Spoonville, and the Paul Ukena Trio, at venues like the Caffe Vivaldi, the Path Cafe, the Living Room, Barbes Brooklyn, Freddy’s Back Room, and others.

In a previous century he was the guitarist for the house band on the Natural Coffeehouse Radio Hour, on Public Radio, and founded the NYC rock band the Cheese Beads, and spent much of the 1990s appearing on countless bills at many of the legendary music venues including CBGB’s, the Knitting Factory, McGovern’s, Fez under the Time Cafe, the Space at Chase, the Actor’s Playhouse (Midnight Vaudeville), the Atlantic Theater (Dog and Pony Show New York), Westbeth Theater Center, and Maxwell’s in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Learn more about Spoon Phillips and his music at tspguitar.com and ukenatrio.com

T Spoon Phillips live

Spoon with a 1930 Martin OM-28


6 thoughts on “T Spoon Phillips

  1. Spoon: what is that lovely piece you play at the end of so many demos for Maury’s Music? It haunts my dreams. Is there sheet music with chord charts for it? Thanks

    • I am assuming you are referring to “Riding Back From Boston.” I expect to release it publicly on a CD later this year. But otherwise there is no printed material available as of yet.’

      But thanks for asking.

  2. Wow, this is great to hear what you are doing.

    I vividly recall the times I have listened to you. As kids I thought you were right there with Bob Dylan, who you introduced me to, Thanks. I hope we can talk soon.


    • Well what do you know?!

      Thanks Scott great to hear from you too. Am about to head out of town for Martinfest, but things start to normalize a bit after next Wednesday. I hope we can catch up soon!

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