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NEWS: Martin CS Super Dreadnought Review

NAMM 2022 Martins Released
D-18 Authentic 1937, D-28 Authentic 1937 (revised), CS-SC-22 deluxe hybrid
and many others in the blog!


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Martin Guitar Bracing Guide

IMPORTANT: 2022 Guide to Martin Bracing

Martin body sizes with gpc added

Understanding Martin Model Designations

“Excellent! As is all your writing. You deserve a special spot in guitar heaven!” – Dick Boak, author, guitar aficionado

2021 Martin Guitars

David GilmourMarting 12 string 200 px

Custom Shop D-28 and 000-28 1937
To Age or Not to Age?

D-35 David Gilmour
Sinker Mahogany Marvel

Martin Reviews
13-fret Acoustic-Electric Hybrid
Updated August 2020! … and many more!

Guitars of Note

Taylor GT NAMM 2021 square onemanz

Summer NAMM News From…

Gibson J-15
Walnut Jumbo Modernity

Taylor 814ce
A new standard is set

K Wingert Model F Custom
West Coast Wonderment


Vistor Map large use onemanz

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欢迎各界朋友 FingerstyleChina!!!!

Saudações aos leitores de Moçambique and to visitors from over 45 nations from Austria to Viet Nam.

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Symposium: to Scallop or Not to Scallop
That is the bracing question

Martin D-28 vs. HD-28

Guitarist Spotlight:
David Lindley

David Lindley bouzouki

Mr. Dave turns 77!

Spoon’s Mailbag
Style 16 pre-1995?

Martin 000C-16 T Spoon Phillips

Secretly Awesome Axes

“So we’ll written! The best …I’ll keep an eye on your site all the time.”  – John Lynch, guitarist

News and Articles

2022 NAMM Martins!!!

Sneak Preview of NAMM 2022 Martins, with more to come!


Modern Deluxe Series Expanded X 7!

SC-10E_h small

13-fret SC-13E Special and SC-10E


C. F. Martin IV’s nephew elected to Board of Directors

C. F. Martin & Co. Logo

Possible successor to the family-owned business leadership.


John Mayer’s Special Martin 13-fret Guitar

Figured Cocobolo / Engelmann 13-fretter!


2021 Martin Soundboard Bracing Guide

2021 Maritn Bracing Guide thumbnail

The scoop on scallops and more!


Q&A – 1980s Style 16?

1989 Martin D-16M

Dovetail neck, scalloped braces?
What’s not to love?


New CEO Starts Work at C. F. Martin & Co.


Read More Here


Custom Shop 1937 Models Revealed

Martin 000-28 Custom Authentic Aged pre-order onemanz

Only from a new Custom Shop Experts dealer!


Onemanz in the the Journal of Acoustic Guitars

Volume 11 is out now!


NAMM 2021

Winter NAMM News From…
Gibson, Taylor, Breedlove,
Collings, Santa Cruz, Bourgeois,
Eastman, and D’

Eastman_grand-auditorium side port onemanz


2021 Martins Announced!

Martin D-35 David Gilmour 12 String Guitar onemanz strips


Chris Martin Announces Retirement!

Chris Martin to step down one year from now.

Chris Maritn retires thumbnail


Dick Boak Opens Up

Dick Boak Aaron Short Social Distancing Interview

Wonderfully entertaining interview for a Social Distancing Audience.  Sit back and enjoy.


UPDATED at last: Understanding Martin Model Designations

Martin Guitar Sizes



Winter NAMM Martins Preview



Our Exclusive Look at the Summer Martins

OMC16E_GLAM_Details_0003 72 16 series


New Neck Shape at Martin

Vintage Deluxe Neck Shape vs. Vintage Martin

Celebrity Death Match? Perhaps not. But in this one-foot-out-the-door I compare the new Martin neck profile with the actual 1930 OM-45 Deluxe it was based upon.

See it HERE


Readers Questions

Martin D-45 Celtic Knot Very Limited Edition

Martin D-45 Celtic Knot pearl

Read Spoon’s Response


Martin Modern Deluxe Series Debuts

“The instruments in Martin’s oh so Modern Deluxe Series combine vintage Martin aspects with modern day know how and high-tech advancements in a most exciting way.”

Read More in the Blog

Maritn 000-28 Modern Deluxe Liquid Metal Pins NAMM 2019


Announcing a return to regular blogging

Io, Saturnalia!

An end of year salutation.


Scam Guitar Sites Steal Credit Info

APB is out about fraudulent websites claiming to sell big brand guitars at discounts

Read More Here


T Spoon Phillips - Album Cover Lost and Haunted Ways

The new Album by T Spoon Phillips, Lost and Haunted Ways, featuring all of the original guitar music used for Spoon’s beloved guitar video reviews, heard in the entirety at last!

“…a brilliant piece of musical art for the ages. Bravo, Spoon!” – Rhys Ord

Check it out HERE



Read Spoon’s Martinfest Journal of Adventure in the blog at One Man’s World


UPDATED: Understanding Martin Model Designation. The first major overhaul of this popular article since Martin overhauled the Standard Series.


000C-21 TSP

The T Spoon Phillips Custom Artist Edition exclusive to Maury’s Music is a dream come true!

Short-scale rosewood 000 like no other.

Martin 000C-21 TSP shoulders

Read More Here


More New Martins for 2018

Two Authentics, NAMM Show Special

T Spoon Phillips Custom Artist Edition and MORE!!!

Martin 000C-21 TSP sound hole NAMM 2018


2018 Martin Standard Series Make Over!

A “reimagined Standard Series” for Winter NAMM 2018, changes to D-45, D-42, D-41, HD-35, D-35, HD-28, GPC-28, M-36, om-42, 000-42,OM-28, 000-28, 00-28, and MORE!!!

Martin D-45 (2018) detail

Read More Here


Martin D-45 John Mayer!!!

New for Winter NAMM, a limited edition designed by its namesake, the D-45 John Mayer is going to make 45 very lucky guitarists very happy indeed!

Martin D-45 John Mayer 2018

Read More Here


Howard Emerson Releases Fourth Album

“Formidable fingerstyle finely fretted, both solo and accompanied by other instrumentation – The Wall Talks, and people should listen

Hitting Play on a new Howard Emerson album is like receiving a visit from a favorite old friend, where even the instrumental tunes are like hearing about the places they have been and the people and events they encountered along the way.…”

Read the Full Review Here


Martin’s New D-21 Special

1960s black binding returns to Style 21, at least for a little while.

Read More Here


Martin D-28 Brazilian and D-45 Brazilian Pricing Update!

“When having lunch with the three main instrument designers for C. F. Martin & Co., they could not remember what pricing was ultimately set for these special guitars. There estimate of $20K and $45K turned out to be rather high.”

Read More Here


Bourgeois Enters New Era

Forced to move, a fortuitous reunion led to a unique solution, and a new President of Bourgeois Guitars

Read More


Bill Collings 1948 – 2017

Founder of Collings Guitars dies on July 14, 2017. Very sad news indeed.

Read More


The NEW D-28!

The heart of the Martin line gets a makeover. How’s it stack up to the old version?



Summer NAMM Martins!

A little something for everyone as Summer NAMM Martin guitars are officially announced

Ed Sheeran, Jason Isbell, Dick Boak

Beloved personalities honored with unique models, and the Standard Series receives no less than nine new acoustic-electric models without cutaways!

Read More Here

Collings T Series

Top Shelf Guitars built to a T for Traditional

Collings T Series Exclusive Look

“The fingerboard edges are rolled over quite a bit as well, to create a nice worn-in feel. It’s a wonderful feeling neck,” Collings Manager Mark Althans told me…

Read Our Exclusive Report and See the Videos


Why do “Fingerstyle Guitars” come with wider necks?

Spoon’s reply to a curious reader


Martin Article Updates

Almost year to the day since I last edited them, I have updated my

Understanding Martin Model Designations


Martin 000 vs OM, what’s the diff?

Now with more info and fewer typos!


Robbie Robertson’s bronzed 1954 Strat
from the Last Waltz, recreated

Limited Edition Fender commemorates the 40th Anniversary of the Last Waltz

See the video and rare archival footage HERE


Thanks so much for always having such detail in your reviews. I so appreciate your ability to put what you hear into words! Simply amazing, and so appreciated. Oh, and there’s the stellar playing of course…….. Best!

As a player for the past 45 years, and collector for about 10 years, I must say his site is absolutely imperative for any player or collector, and such a find! The detailed descriptions, information, and stellar playing, is simply mind boggling! I am so glad I found this site!

Thanks again for all you do to help educate players like myself make better choices, and simply learn about all of the great guitars you are fortunate to play and review!

– Jeff Sater, Scottsdale, AZ


Book Review

The Martin Archives

by Jim Washburn with Dick Boak

“Washburn weaves a captivating tapestry of a company’s fabled history, sewn with precious gems mined from the Martin archives and the broader American saga they illuminate.”

Martin Archives cover

Read the Full Review


Guitar Comparison 2-21-17

Two guitars, not nearly as almost-indentical as the one below

Guitar Comparison 2/16/17

How do YOU feel these two similar instruments differ or equate in tone?

Hear them here


All the NAMM News we love as we find it!


2017 Martins Announced

New for Winter NAAM!!

More added every day…

Two signature models, a CS Series release for 2017, a very special Authentic Series, and much more.

2017 Martin D 28 Prine headstock Winter NAMMMartin CEO-8.2 Winter NAAM

Read About Them Here


Martin Two Millionth Guitar Released

With the sweeping hands of time in mind, “watch” the official video the making of this musical time marking machine.


Martin 2 millionth


Year of the Dreadnought

This year C. F. Martin & Co. has been celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Dreadnought. Named for largest class of British battleships ruling the waves of the First World War, it was a revolutionary instrument that dwarfed typical acoustic guitars at that time, in size and firepower.

Here’s a recap of the many Martin Dreadnought models released in 2016….

Read the Full Article

David Crosby Ballad of the Dreadnought


Martinfest Success

Martinfest 15 was a fabulous time indeed!

Exclusive video of the amazing guitars on and in hand.

Spoon Phillips plays 1930 Martin OM-45 De Luxe photo: Robert Corwin

photo: R. Corwin

Read More


By George!

gb close

In the interview above, I was asked about my own influences. My impromptu answer focused on my early rock n roll phase and later acoustic days.

I was most remiss in failing to mention the one and only George Barnes.


Bob Dylan solo acoustic Visions of Johanna

May 17, 1966

Sublime and powerful, imagine what it was like for the audience hearing this song for the first time.

Read the Essay and Hear the Song


Check out young and upcoming Brooks Robertson making the most out of a Kirk Sands nylon string guitar, and a Wayne Henderson dreadnought!

Brooks Robertson guitar

See and Here More


The Martin Experience took place last night at Rudy’s Music in Soho, New York City. It gave the general public an opportunity to get up close and personal with showcase guitars built in Martin’s Custom Shop, along with a couple of the people who design them.
Martin Experience CEO-7 3 piece back

2016 Martins

First Impressions

with video



In Memoriam

Pete Huttlinger

Acoustic fingerstyle wizard dies from a stroke. Phenomenal arranger, composer, and performer.

Guitarist Spotlight

David Bowie

I must confess, I had forgotten how much the lead guitarist on “God Knows I’m Good” influenced my own guitar playing all these many years.

Read More in the Blog


Martins new string spacing explained

A spacing at the bridge of 2-5/32″ to go on all High Performance Taper models.

Read More Here


The 2016 Martins!

The New Martins Have Been Announced

New 15s, 17s, 18s, 28s, 35s!

Read All About Em HERE

Last week they gave a sneak preview of the new members of the CS and Authentic Series, as well as the new Limited Editions

Read More


Mandolin Bros. Closing?

Mandolin Brothers in New York City is seeking a buyer to prevent having to close its doors permanently.

Read More


New Taylors –

Florentine Limited Editions

in Flamed Mahogany, Quilted Sapele and Blackheart Sassafras – Yum.


Summer NAMM Martins!

A new President, a new 12-String, and a new “mahogany” among the new news and the new NAMM coming this Thursday. See our sneak preview

in the Blog


Laurence Juber 2015

Caught up with LJ at a recent gig

New album of new tunes, new custom Martins, new strings endorsement deal, and a new video interview at Fretboard Journal

“… inventive arrangements of well-known tunes from other writers, mixed with impressive original compositions. As outstanding as some of his earlier endeavors have been, just gets better and better in both modes…”

Read the Full Review and see the Video Interview

Juber Review Photo


Great Guitars

One Man’s Guitar begins new series of guitar videos in cooperation with Mandolin Brothers of New York City.

Taylor, Gibson, Bourgeois, Schoenberg, Collings, Goodall, Santa Cruz, McPherson Martin, and more coming soon…

This will allow us to share comparison videos of guitars we cannot access through the private collections of our friends.

Check out their new Martin Custom Shop CEO-7 in Cocobolo!

Exclusive Video and Photos HERE

Stay tuned for more!


 Taylor Road Show 2015

Coming to a Taylor Dealer Near You

“I cannot recommend this enough; wonderful wood meets steel to make beautiful music”

– Spoon Phillips of One Man’s Guitar

Read More in the Blog


Other Music News

Coming this May!

Beethoven’s 9th Symphony at Carnegie Hall, for $20!!

Every seat!!!

The New York Choral Society join the NYYS for a must-see event.

Details included in our review of NYYS recent concert of Scheherazade and Beethoven’s violin concerto, featuring guest artist Elena Urioste.

Read More


Far Out!!

A mid-sixties Gibson Barney Kessel model (Nels Cline) and a Manzer Bluenote (Julian Lage) together in some amazing space jam Jazz, live from at Seattle radio station.

See It Here


The New Martins Video!!!

See It  HERE

A murders row of terrific heavy hitters, and some more modest but no less cool additions make their debut at Winter NAMM.

Many of these new Martins feature spruce soundboards and supporting braces torrefied with Martin’s new Vintage Tone System, or VTS, which I have had to keep quiet about for so long my tongue is riddled with bite marks.

But now I may tell (almost) all!

Get our exclusive insider look at the new Martins and see the official VTS video posted in the Blog!

Read More


Remembering Stan Jay of Mandolin Bros.

Stan Jay of Mandolin Brother Died October 22, 2014.
A long time friend of mine, and of countless lovers of fine stringed instruments, Stan was a radiant being who accurately proclaimed the focus of his life’s work as a “dream fulfillment center.” He will be missed forever.

Read More


One Man Makes The ToneQuest Report

The September issue features Martin guitars, including our own review of the CEO-7!

Get yours today!

ToneQuest Report


Q & A:

 Martin Wood Grading?

A reader asks for details about how Martin grades their tonewood.

Read More

The Martin Retro Series?

A reader seeks an opinion on the HD-28E Retro and D-45E Retro

Spoon, of course has one

000 vs OM?

A reader inquires as to why some Martins are called 000 but others are called OM, yet they have the same body size.

Read Spoon’s Response

OM-28 vs OM-21
(the new ones)

A reader inquires about Martin’s recently announced OM-28 when looking for a companion for his OM-21.

Read Spoon’s Response


Special Thanks!

Thanks to Jim in Wisconsin for taking the time to inform me that the article on Martin’s Performing Artist series, originally penned in 2010, contained some out-of-date facts on display, primarily relating to Martin’s phasing out of their old M&T neck joint in favor of the new and improved “simple dovetail” neck joint.

A more detailed explanation of the significant differences between Martins traditional dovetail neck joint, their Mortise and Tenon neck joint, and the Simple Dovetail neck joint can be read HERE.


Martin OM-18 Authentic 1933 sighting

Guitar Center in Brooklyn, at Atlantic Center, has an OM-18A 1933 in stock. I stopped in for some picks and was pleasantly surprised to find the Authentic there behind the glass case, in their small room of higher-end guitars.

It impossible to remember fully just how light of weight this model is compared to other modern guitars, and just how big and lovely the voice is when played with the lightest touch, yet it does not break up at all when played full throttle with a flat pick.

So if you are in the NYC area, and have always wanted to see one of these excellent guitars, now is your chance.


New Martins for Frankfurt Show

The Standard OM-28 is resurrected by C. F. Martin, alongside an upgraded, updated 000-18, and new Aura models

New OM-28

As expected, Standard Style 28 has received a makeover, following in the footsteps of the one that appeared with the fabulous D-18 and the upgraded OM-21. And some well-loved Martins have been put out the pasture to make room…

Read More


Paco de Lucía Dies

Trail Blazer and Traditionalist was 66

“With fluid fingering, a flare for the dramatic, and compositions that flit and flutter like birds over a pastoral valley, or soar like eagles atop the winds of the world, de Lucía was among the most highly regarded guitarists of the twentieth century.”

My Tribute, With Videos


Vintage Gibsons by Lloyd Loar
and Pre-war Martins

Old Gibson and Martin archtops

“There were two Loar F5 mandolins present, a fern signed by Loar on March 24, 1924, and one without the fern signed on April 12, 1923. Also present was a stunning K-5 Mandocello, one of only six known to exist. This one was signed by Loar on October 13, 1923.”

Read the Full Article


EXCLUSIVE VIDEO of New Martins!!

We went to the Martin Factory on a frigid Thursday morning to play the red hot off the griddle Martin Prototypes, at the same hour NAMM was opening its doors…

2014 Martin Guitars Winter NAMM Sampler


New Martins for NAMM!

A few days before the NAMM show opens, January 23, C.F. Martin & Co. have announced their new models for 2014

New Martins for NAMM SS-000S-14

Read More About Them


Exclusive Report:

Opening Reception for

Early American Guitars:
The Instruments of C.F. Martin

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Early American Guitars: the Instruments of C.F. Martin Metrpolitan Museum of Art door

An after-hours reception was held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art last night, where an invited group of some 60 guests were treated to a private viewing of the exhibit Early American Guitars: the Instruments of C.F. Martin, which opened to the public earlier that day. I was among them.

Read More


Latest Martin Model News!

The New Blue Clapton

The third collaboration with Hiroshi Fujiwara, this is the first Eric Clapton model made by Martin Guitars with a long-scale neck and 1/4″ OM bracing.

Read Preview


Preview of the New CS-00S-14

12-fret 00 in Honduras rosewood!

“Amazing guitar!!!”

– Fred Greene, VP of Manufacturing, C.F. Martin & Co.

Read Preview


Book Review – Johnny Cash: the Life
by Robert Hilburn

More than just another Johnny Cash biography, Robert Hilburn’s latest volume reexamines the rags to riches details of this unique example of the American Dream with its extremes of peaks and pitfalls, as lived by one the nation’s most iconic musical artists.

“…an insightful yet sympathetic analysis that conjures up the late Man in Black in living color… it is Hilburn’s ability to include the many quoted snap-shots within the smooth emulsion of his own smart prose that keeps the focus on events as they happen, present and alive. And his insistence on allowing others to speak with emotion and opinion, while he sticks to the facts and resists any temptation at grand conclusions that provides a sense of authenticity to the story, and keeps the pages turning…”

Read the Full Review



I receive email from all over seeking my opinion and advice, or simply asking questions related to all sorts of guitar-ish things. Our blog will now feature some of these questions, and the new Q & A section on the menus will begin to offer links to some we feel may be of greater general interest.


Select photos sent in by our readers of their great guitars!

Greenfield G2 rosette readers photos One Man's Guitar

Got a question or want to share your photos:


David Gahr photographs,

joyous and evocative, on display and for sale at the Morrison Hotel Gallery, Soho.

“From Leonard Bernstein to Patti Smith, a young Willie Nelson to a very young Bruce Springsteen, the royalty of Jazz, Folk, Blues and Rock n Roll preserved by David Gahr in living black and white…”

Read the Full Article


Dylan’s “Gone Electric” guitar sells for record price

“When Bob Dylan ripped into “Maggie’s Farm” in front of a stunned crowd at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival, not many people realized they were seeing a paradigm shift in the current of popular culture that would reverberate around the globe for decades to come…”

Read the Full Article Here


Neil Young New Vault Release – Solo 1970

With 13 tracks recorded live at the Cellar Door in D.C…

“this record provides a glimpse of an emerging superstar on the verge of going supernova.”

Read the Full Article


Martin 000-42 Marquis photos

Our good friend Rich sent us some photos of the guitar he purchased in part because of our review, back when that model first appeared on the market.

Great stuff, Rich!  Thanks.

000-42 Marquis review One Man's Guitar


Martinfest 12 – Annual gathering of Martin lovers

While other guitar brands have their loyal fans, none seem to evoke as much reverence and affection from their admirers as Martin, and this has led people from greatly diverse backgrounds to find they share a similar love of music that transcends their many differences…

Republicans room with Democrats, liberals stay up till dawn with the conservatives they looked so forward to seeing after a year apart; even Yankees fans find themselves warmly embraced by fans of the Tigers, Oriels and Red Sox. From the Oscar winner to the homemaker, the CPA to the MBA, all and all, they have found common ground in this most unpretentious celebration rooted in the love of music and Martin guitars…

As one member put it, “Music is a unifying force that reaches across many boundaries and brings people together in very deep and lasting ways.” Martinfest is living proof of that.”

Read the full Article on Martinfest 12


We heard from our friend Laurence Juber this morning…

The double Grammy-winning guitarist dropped by One Man’s Guitar to check out the new site, and then dropped us a line to let us know about his new guitar, and tell us that our copy of his latest CD is on the way.

Read More


Artist CD

Laurence Juber – Under an Indigo Sky

“A warm, layered and very human scene painted entirely with one acoustic guitar drenched with resonant chords, clear and unhurried melody lines, and shadowy blue bass notes that rise or fall in pitch or pace like a melancholy pulse. An exquisite piece of music played on an exquisite guitar, exquisitely.”

And that is just the first track on Juber’s Under an Indigo Sky, the latest CD from the two-time Grammy winner.

Read the Full Review


Jazz Great George Barnes:

The First Electric Guitarist

“Countless musicians across many types of music have been greatly influenced by the man with the big blonde guitar. Even if they had never heard his name, the amount of blues, rock n roll, folk, country, and jazz recordings he had a hand in would fill a large catalog. Many young guitarists playing today were inspired by guitarists who were inspired by other guitarists who were directly inspired by George Barnes.”

Read Full Article

What else is new?

Find out HERE


From Our Reviews

Martin CS Super D

Custom Shop Super Dreadnought Takes Flight!


Martin D-18 Authentic 1937

New Authentic Dreadnought Shape!


Martin CS-SC-22

Solid-wood SC Custom Shop Special


Martin D-35 David Gilmour

Sinker mahogany and VTS Adirondack Spruce!


Martin D-35 David Gilmour 12 String

Martin D-35 david gilmour 300 dpi onemanz

Carpathian Spruce and Sinker Mahogany


Martin L00 Earth

Environmentally Responsible Martin


Gibson J-15

Warm Walnut Jumbo!!!


Martin SC-13E

Acoustic-Electric Hybrid!

Martin SC-13E onemanz NAMM koa cutaway


The New Improved 16 Series Review

Full review with video


ALL the Modern Deluxe Series Models Reviewed

Martin 000-28 Modern Deluxe

Upscale Short-scale!

Martin 000-28 Modern Deluxe lower bout

Full Review with Video


Martin OM-28 Modern Deluxe

Bold New Orchestra Model!

OM-28-Modern-Deluxe_GLAM-Details_ joint

Full Review with Video


Martin CEO-9

Everybody Loves Mango!

Full Review with Video


Martin DSS-17

Whiskey Sunset and Black Smoke

Slope-Shoulder Dreadnought is the new King of the 17 Series!

Martin DSS17 two tops

Full Review with Video


Martin DSS-15M StreetMaster

The 14-fret Slope-Shoulder Dreadnought design enters the Martin mainstream!

Martin D-15M StreetMaster Headstock

Full Review with Video


Martin D-18 Modern Deluxe

Vintage Meets Cutting Edge


Full Review Up Now!


Martin OM-42 Deep Body Slot Head

Revisited with updated review and a new video!


Martin CEO-9

The latest design from C. F. Martin IV.

Video review now up, written review coming soon!

CEO-9 side thumb

See It Now!


Martin D-28 Modern Deluxe

“It is the futuristic features of the D-28 Modern Deluxe that are responsible for how it weighs and plays more like a very old D-28 than a very new one, with a bell-like tone that is truly original, yet with qualities that should thrill Martin fans…”

Full Review with Video

D-28_Modern_Deluxe head use


Martin 000-28 (2018)

“…this new short-scale 000 has a full-bodied voice that immediately says it is no “small guitar.” The bass has Grade A beef in its rosewood brisket, a satisfying heft in the midrange fundamentals under a firm flatpick, and trebles that …roll out from arpeggios as defined, delicate, and pure as sunlit dewdrops…”

Full Review With Video

Martin 000-28 (2018)


Martin OME Cherry

“I found the overall voice delightful…a choir of overtones, fundamentals and undertone that is a joy to behold and be heard.”

OME Cherry upper bout back copy

Full Review with Video


Martin D-45 John Mayer

Pearly Engelmann spruce over Guatemalan rosewood with turbocharged bracing and a Full Thickness neck!
“Boldly Beautiful… with a splendid combination of primo tonewoods chosen with the input of an admirable guitarist…”

See More Here


Martin 00-17 Authentic 1931

Torrefied mahogany comes to the Authentic Series in this ultralight time capsule Martin.

Martin 00-17 Authentic 1931large beige long

See More Here


Martin 000-42 (2018)

High Performance Neck on the highest-end 000 of the Standard Series.

Martin 000-42 (2018) frets

More Here


Martin D-41 (2018)

The forward-shifted braces add some meat, but not too much!

Martin D-41 (2018) three toners


000-28 (2018)

Now with pre-war aesthetics and (finally) scalloped braces!!!

Martin 000-28 (2018) boned

More Here


Martin D-35 (2018)

Forward-shift 1/4″ non-scalloped bracing!

Martin D-35 (2018) shoulder

More Here


Martin D-45 (2018)

Forward-shifted bracing a new caliber neck for the Flagship of the Standard Series

Martin D-45 (2018) horztl beige 20

More Here


Martin HD-28 (2018)

You asked for Vintage Series build and looks without the V neck and here it finally is!

HD-28 (2018) long biege

More Here


Martin D-45 John Mayer

The first dreadnought in the series, and the first with the artist as chief designer, is a pearly wonder of a D-45!

More Here


Martin Model America 1

 Martin Model America 1 back short

“There is a firmness to the sycamore trebles and a fullness to the bass notes, and a chiseled definition to the center of the voice, thanks to the Adirondack spruce top. The Adirondack effect makes the center of the voice quite straightforward, leaving lots of space behind it, in that almost “vintage openness” sort of way.”

Full Review with Video


Martin D-18 Jason Isbell

“Simply put, this guitar sounds huge. Explosive chords burst into the room with near-concussive waves of power and punch, and relaxed, expressive picking lights up an expansive tonal chamber, as if by ballroom chandeliers.”

D-18 Jason Isbel Ditson rosette

Full Review with Video


The New D-28 (2017)

“With its retro styling and ultra-modern neck, the new 2017 model is a souped up enhancement of the straight-braced D-28, given a more powerful engine, with a roomier interior.”

Full Review With Video


Martin D-28 John Prine

“With twinkling trebles, warm clear-cut mids, and a succulent bass, its distinctive fundamental notes front a subtly complex harmonic array, filled with delightfully sweet overtones and a roomy translucent undertone awash with whispery, ethereal hues. In other words, the John Prine signature model is an absolute charmer.”

Full Review with Video

Martin D-28 John Prine headstock


Martin 00-28

“Singing with silvery purity up high, commanding mids, and full-bodied lows, all riding atop the lush and lovely depths saturated with what I call that “smoky rosewood presence,” the new 00-28 provides classic, nay even legendary Martin guitar tone.”

Full Review with Video Here


Gibson SJ-200 Ebony LE

“The bass is big but not boomy. The trebles are clear and ringing. The midrange notes are distinct but have a woody warmth to them… In other words, the SJ-200 is a classic. And this jet black version is pretty darn classy.”

Gibson SJ-200 Ebony Limited headstock


Read the Full Review


Martin CEO-8.2

“Never woofy nor muddy, there is a firmness from the bottom E string. It is buoyant, yet taught and strong. .. The sound of the unwound trebles with clear-cut definition and a silvery ring.”

Martin CEO-8.2 head

Read the Full Review Here


Martin CS-CFMartin Outlaw-17

Woody to be sure, it has an old dry box resonance that is accentuated by a torrefied spruce soundboard. The undertone remains open and uncluttered, yet with a glowing presence reflecting the hum of each string… At times, that tonewood combination had those singing trebles soaring through the room – and straight to my heart, as uplifting as sunlight streaming through the flawless glass of a spotless, squeaky-clean window.

Use CS-CFMartin Outlaw-17 bridge

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Martin Factory Conversion
’39 000-42 from a ’53 000-28

“This converted 000-28 has my favorite kind of Brazilian/Adirondack tone, warm and richly colored, with a bass that is plump but not woofy, spawning a rich undertone that at times hugs but never smothers the higher registers, and trebles of fine purity that are precise but solid, yet radiating shimmery harmonic overtones.”

Martin 000-42 conversion Adirdonack spruce top close

Read the Full Review Here


Martin 000-30 Authentic 1919

“The 000-30 A 1919 offers the kind of sound many luthiers and guitarists have sought to produce since the invention of steel strings.”

Martin 000-30 Authentic 1919 rt shldr

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Martin GPC-15ME

“…its long, sleek neck adorned with shimmering diamonds of abalone, in the timeless short-pattern array, matching retro chic with a contemporary silhouette, and economic good sense with stylish minimalism, channeling the dollars spent directly toward beautiful wood and lovely tone…”

Martin GPC-15ME Indian rosewood bridge NAMM
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Martin D Jr. 2 Sapele and 2E Sapele

“A little dreadnought, but a real guitar … looks beautiful…sounds lovely…a very good price for a guitar built with solid tonewood back, sides, and top”

Martin D Jr 2 Sapele top NAMM 2017





Read the Full Review


Martin LE-Cowboy-2016

“This guitar has such character and depth to its voice, with the resonant response reaching way down inside to create a more 3-D soundscape…”

Martin LE Cowboy 2016 NAMM top lo

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Martin CS-Bluegrass-16

A large caliber canon of Guatemalan rosewood and VTS Adirondack spruce with a large sound hole.

“…something charming to the chime ringing off the unwound treble strings, supported by a palpable cushion of rosewood undertone welling up from the bottom end, where the bassiest string is plump and succulent…”

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Martin 00-18

First 14-fret Grand Concert added to the Standard Series, with a modern, short-scale neck and a LOT of classic tone.

“…a relaxing, comfortable playing experience that rewards the guitarist with a prosperous voice, lavish with presence in the undertone resonance and the wafting high harmonics.”

Read the Full Review Here

Martin 00-18 label


Martin D-1 Authentic 1931

Classic Reborn at its Birth

The flagship of Martin’s 2016 fleet, the D-1 Authentic 1931 is a magnificent dreadnought for the ages.

“The D-1A feels exactly like a pre-war Martin. It’s astounding in just how light it is. And it’s astounding in its sounding so very marvelous.”

Read the Full Review

Martin D-1 Authentic 1931 label



NAMM Show Special

“Everything from the prodigious volume, bottom end presence, responsive playability, expansive depth, and projecting definition are remarkable for a short-scale guitar with a body smaller than a 000 or OM.”

Read the full review and see the video HERE

SS-00L41-16 headstock


Martin D-222

100th Anniversary Dreadnought

The historic design re-imagined as a versatile and most modern Martin guitar.

“A suntanned siren with soft, round shoulders, broad across the top, with wide hips, and a husky yet sultry voice both pleasing and powerful.”

Read the full review of this model with video HERE

D-222 back full


Martin 000-42 Authentic 1939

The First Affordable Pearl-Trimmed Martin in the Authentic Series is a Beauty

“It is an emotionally expressive instrument that naturally inspires nice bluesy string bends, and even subtle little waggles of a fretting finger translate into evocative alterations in the tone of each note, which then spawn echoes that radiate within and without the lively 000 body with its scallop-braced VTS top.”

Read the full review of this guitar HERE

000-42 Authentic 1939 pearl


Martin 00-18 Authentic 1931

Mahogany Time Machine

“From the first note, I felt that of all the Authentic Series, the 00-18 Authentic 1931 would fool me most easily if I was blindfolded and told I was playing a pre-war Martin.”

00 18 Authentic 1931 rosette

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Martin CS-OM True North-16

Elegant marquetry graces a classic Martin OM

Wonderfully resonant, the CS-OM True North-16 is delightfully complex in its detailed tonality, and yet it has an expansive dynamic range beyond most ultra-responsive guitars.”

CS-OM True North-16 compass rose

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Martin LE-Cowboy-2015

We end 2015 with the guitar built only in 2015, which people will be very pleased to hear once it gets out into the shops during 2016.

“…a pretty musicality from a clear and spacious treble, and the wound strings report with piano-like authority across the midrange and bass, defined but with a quick bloom of bassy undertone resonance.”

LE-Cowboy-2015 side

Read the Full Review


Martin D12-35 50th Anniversary

Inspired by the 1965 original, the D12-35 50th is a modern interpretation of grandeur.

“..the Harley hog of guitars, agile but oh so powerful. I love how it handles across intricate fingerstyle passages and wide open straightaways of full out strumming.”

D12-35 50th mosaic

Read the Full Review


Martin HD-35 CFM IV 60th

Sixty years in the making, a commemorative limited edition of Indian siris, rosewood, and torrefied European spruce.

“The treble strings give off the tinkling chime of a music box, while the midrange notes stand firm and defined over a built-in reverb echoing from within…It is a voice of depth, color and definition, conjured out of a very interesting combination of woods and craftsmanship.”

Read the Full Review


Martin 00-15E Retro

Impressive acoustic tone at a more affordable price, with solid tonewoods and the top-of-the-line Fishman Aura F1+ pickup system.

“Even without plugging in, the Martin 00-15E Retro produces satisfying tone, volume, and projection from its comfortably small acoustic guitar body.

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Martin CS-D41-15

An elegant powerhouse with responsive finesse and hearty dynamics, the Martin CS-D41-15 showcases Indian rosewood and Sitka spruce as the top-tier tonewoods they are.

“Few if any Indian/Sitka dreadnoughts are as alive and dynamic and tuneful as the CS-D41-15.”

Read the Full Review

All NAMM Martins to follow soon.


McPherson Manhattan Skyline 4.0XP

A museum-worthy piece of craftsmanship and design, the McPherson Manhattan Skyline is a towering achievement in the art of luthiery

“Playing this guitar was like knocking on the door of a spruce stable full of horsepower, chomping at the bit and so eager to sink its weight into that rich, fertile Brazilian tonewood, with its peppery, rose oil scent rising from the sound hole like freshly turned earth. The future owner of this McPherson Manhattan has my envy as the player whose personal style will most influence the training and feeding of this thoroughbred, as it comes into its own as the champion it so obviously will become.”

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Collings C10 Deluxe Custom

Inspired by a 1955 Cadillac convertable and just as cool.

“It sounds great, looks amazing, and is a dream to play. It will stand out in any collection, but would also add an air of panache to any stage show…”

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Taylor 814ce

One of world’s most popular acoustic guitars remade afresh – thin finish, hide glue, exclusive bracing!

“This model didn’t get a makeover, it got seriously buff…”

Read the Full Review


Martin CEO-8

Decked out and delicious Grand Jumbo

“With its Grand J sycamore body topped with VTS Sitka spruce, the CEO-8 has a voice with a unique character.

The bottom-end boost from the extra-large sound chamber fills out the bass, while the rest of the voice stays open. Strummed chords ring out, vivid and vibrant, while arpeggios and picking patterns lay down a succession of clear strong notes that never get in each other’s way, thanks to unusual rates of sustain and decay…”

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Martin CS-00041-15

Made by the Custom Shop from cocobolo and torrefied Adirondack spruce…

“I found it effortless to return over and over to the heart of “the zone,” where notes sprout and bloom like tulips opening in fast-motion close-ups of rich colors, and sympathetics glint and waver, like sunlit ripples breeze-driven across deep, clear waters.”

Read the Full Review


Martin OM-28 Authentic 1931

Prewar OM reproduction, with new Vintage Gloss Finish and VTS torrefied spruce top!

…It was like it said, “Oh yeah. That’s the stuff!” when I would increase the pull on the strings, so it could convert more potential energy into kinetic energy, and ultimately full, unbridled tone.

That was but one of the subtler prewar Martin traits to be found in this new OM-28 Authentic 1931…

Read the Full Review

OM-28 Authentic 1931 torrefied spruce top


Brondel A-2 

Cocobolo OM reviewed for the new indie luthier series:

“The voice is dominated by strong, solid fundamentals, clear and straight off the reflective top of Adirondack spruce, standing firm over a cocobolo sound box that imparts a fudgy rosewood richness, smooth and dense, but never so dark that it turns murky.”

Read the Full Review

Brondel A-2 Shoulders
Head and Shoulders


Martin D-18 Sycamore

A D-18 with a difference, the D-18 Sycamore comes in somewhere between maple and mahogany in looks and in tone.

“…It sounds like a more complex maple, with thicker top notes, more overtones and complexity over all, like mahogany, but with a maple-like bass that shifts the focus into the mid-range, which has the same kind of defined top notes and high overtone ring as the trebles.

It still has plenty of the complexity, resonance and sustain one looks for in a dreadnought. In fact, it excels at traditional flatpicking, with the kind of punch and “cut” that would leap out of a Bluegrass jam when it is time to switch from playing rhythm to a solo break…”

Read the Full Review

Martin D-18 Sycamore side review at

Martin CS-GP-14

From the Custom Shop it comes….

“…a versatile instrument of the highest order, with an expansive dynamic range of clear and present fundamentals, surrounded by complex rosewood sympathetics, a full but open undertone, and a forthright over-reaching ring thanks to the torrefied European spruce top, and all laid out with exceptional balance across the six strings…”

Read the Full Review

Martin CS-GP-14 port


More new Martins on the way…


K Wingert Model F Custom

The first thing that comes to mind when seeing this K Wingert guitar is, “That’s a big guitar!” The first thing that comes to mind when I hear this K Wingert guitar is, “That’s a big guitar!”

But as big and bold as it sounds, its voice remains refined and lovely from the first note to the fading final moments of the resonant sustain.

“With quality tonewoods matched by the artistry used to create it, this custom Wingert Model F has a full-bodied voice rich and satisfying as steaming hot cocoa made with half and half, while allowing for clear notes that come right through all that indulgent rosewood/alpine spruce tone.”

Read the Full K Wingert Guitar Review


Martin OM-42 Deep Body

Combining the looks of a pre-war Style 42 12-fret slothead with the convenience of a 14-fret OM, made all the more powerful with extra-deep sides, this Madagascar/Adirondack jewel box from Martin’s fabled Custom Shop is a feast for the eyes as well as the ears.

“From the first strum there is a stark ring to the fundamental voice, each note pure but with pronounced substance, clear yet dense, like diamonds. And with each steely note ringing off a string an expanding sonic reaction blooms, from an echo beneath the top voice and a woody hum deeper down, to a shining choir of lofty overtones. This guitar shows off the most sophisticated type of Madi-Adi tone.”

Read the Full Review

Martin OM-42 Deep Body review at One Man's Guitar high color abalone torch


Martin Custom Shop Series

We expand our CS Series reviews with the


A throwback in the best of ways, Martin’s CS-D-18-12 is one classic mahogany 12-fretter

Made from 400 year old sinker mahogany, reclaimed from a river in Belize

“The CS-D18-12 has a marvelous voice that is effortlessly large yet clear, ringing, and simply a joy to hear. Once again Greene and his team have put together a unique instrument and gotten it right.”

Read the full CS-D18-12 Review

CS-D18-12 heel cap

and the


A woody aesthetic and sleek modern neck, matched to impeccable and “Authentic” pre-war construction techniques makes the CS-21-11 a uniquely versatile dreadnought, even by Martin standards.

“That ultra-light build contributes mightily to the guitars breathtaking resonance, response, and purity of tone. It astonishes with how much resonant, living tone swells out of it with the lightest touch, and how that glow increases as chords and picking patterns sustain over time. And the response to nuanced playing and the ultimate payoff in tone only increase as the top brakes in and the guitar grows up.”

Read the Full CS-21-11 Review


Martins from NAMM 2014

OM-ECHF Navy Blues

With thumbs up, the Navy Blues earns a row of gold stars

“The Navy Blues is the third guitar designed in collaboration between the legendary Eric Clapton and Eric’s good friend Hiroshi Fujiwara (a renowned Japanese artist, DJ, musician, fashion designer and trendsetter) and design assistance from Martin’s Dick Boak. With a deep navy blue finish and upscale inlays, the OM-ECHF offers rich, complex tone, powerful dynamics, and wide-ranging versatility.”

Read the Full Review

OM-ECHF Navy Blues headstock



The first Martin made of Honduras rosewood

A carbon fiber neck rod and Martin’s first foray into the world of torrefied wood, adds exciting new facets to one of the most classic guitar designs of all time, the 12-fret 00.

“If the CS-00S-14 is anything, it is resonant. It comes alive with the lightest touch, and it feels alive…  from the warmth glowing out of the bottom end and a low E string impressive for this body size, a fatness to the midrange strings that reaches down like a pillar into the echoing cellar below the top voice, and trebles with a distinct chime that leaps out, with a vintage-like openness directly under them, but reflecting harmonics off the midrange like the surface of a mirrored pond disturbed by the sound waves firing off that crystalline fundamental chime. It is a sophisticated voice…”

Read the Full Review

Martin CS-00s-14 review torrefied spruce lobby shot small


D-28 Authentic 1937

Time capsule recreation of the dreadnought

“… the envied owner of a new D-28 A 1937 will be afforded the privilege of breaking in the fledgling tone woods and ultra-thin nitrocellulose finish, to coax out more and more of the guitar’s rich, round rosewood lows, punchy Adirondack mids, and pure, ringing trebles that signify the classic Martin sound.”

Read the Full Review

Martin D28 Authentic 1937 Madagascar rosewood


000-28K Authentic 1921

A one of the kind Martin is recreated in exotic Hawaiian koa wood, with hide glue construction throughout.

000-28k Authentic 1921 pyramid bridge review at

“Aesthetic beauty, effortless playability, and charming tonality make the 000-28K Authentic 1921 a big success.”

Read the Full Review


SS-000S-14 NAMM Show Special

D-35E Retro

000-18E Retro


G7th Performance Capo

High-tech but simple to use, this capo with the postmodern looks was the brainchild of guitarist Nick Campling.

“His primary concerns were the effect of the capo on a guitar’s intonation, the ease of use in terms of applying and removing it, making sure the capo did not damage the guitar’s neck or get in the way of the guitarist’s fretting hand, and finally, a capo that was attractive to the eye. The G7th Performance capo does a good job in all these respects…”

Read the Full Review


Kramers Headed to Woodstock Invitational!

Sparky Kramer was visiting one of his customers in New York City last night, on his way to the big guitar show. So, I stopped by for a chat with the California wood charmer, and a look at these new and delightful musical instruments, made with gorgeous woods and super smart design features.

“The guitar sounded huge for such a small size. It invited one to play with the absolutely lightest touch they could, and be rewarded with such lovely tone and marvelous projection. But it had no issue with being attacked, and effortlessly turned into a blues machine.”

Guitar interior by Randall Kramer from sound port

Read the Full Article


 D-45S Authentic 1936

An instrument as impressive as its hefty price tag

“… a sound bigger than Texas and just about as audacious. I have played examples of them all, from the D-100 to the Celtic Knot, to the Stephen Stills. There just hasn’t been a modern-day pearly Martin with a sound this enormous.”

Read the Full Review


D-18 Authentic 1939

The time machine sought by so many

“The light build on this mahogany/Adirondack is reinforced by rear-shifted braces, with the main X brace placed a bit farther back than on modern Martins. This helps add to the openness of the voice, and reduces the rumble in the bass, so the bottom notes retain great definition while the highs have all the cutting power a Bluegrass flatpicker could hope for.”

Read the Full Review


D-28 Authentic 1941

As our D-28 Authentic 1941 review shows, “this isn’t just a good vintage D-28 reissue; it’s a great guitar.”

“Tone, dynamics and playability matter most to me when judging a guitar. This guitar gets top marks in all three areas. When it comes to tone, it had me at the first strum, because of its ringing purity, impressive depth, effortless volume, and its expansive, open, room filling presence.”

Read the Full Review 

MORE Authentic reviews


Schoenberg Quartet

– the Stephen Bruton model

A 0000 reimagined with a Standard 12-fret body shape.

“This guitar is so finely tuned in terms of dynamics and response that it is basically effortless to play, in any tuning. There is a gorgeous complexity to the harmonics, but an unperturbed clarity to the fundamentals, and an organic sensibility to the sustain and decay of each, which makes it a delight to play.”

Read the Full Review


Martin CEO-7

Martin’s successful take on the prewar Gibson L-00 remains more Martin than anything else. A slope-shoulder 00 for the ages.

“When it came down to it, the whole time I was playing the guitar I kept feeling like the CEO-7 is the Golden Era Series reissue of a pre-war Martin that never existed.”

Read the Full Review


Huss & Dalton TD-M

Sinker Mahogany

Review now up!

“In a word, the voice is huge … a good example of a Bluegrass banjo killer with focused trebles that cut through the stout, strong bass of its pronounced bottom end …”

Read Full Review


If you have an acoustic guitar in mind that you would like included, please drop us line at

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The writing is that of one man,

with input from the owners of many of the instruments reviewed as an important part of the overall presentation, along with luthiers, manufacturers, and purveyors of acoustic guitars from all over the world. Thanks for visiting!


Martin D-41 (2018) three toners

32 thoughts on “Acoustic Guitars, Their Makers, and Their Players

  1. Spoon, you have been of enormous help in educating me regarding acoustic flattop guitars,brands,models,used & new, & especially authentic Martins via email. Your reviews are beautifully written and performed on many different guitars. I greatly appreciate
    your kindness and patience with my many questions. My search for a guitar resulted in a two hour visit with George Gruhn and his 30 snakes in his Nashville office. I played over 75 different guitars in many different stores,used & new, many different models, low-end to higher-end, & of at least 10 different makers over a 12 month period. As previously stated, ultimately I bought a CS Martin D18 “sinker” mahogany, addy top, with George Gruhn specs. A true pleasure to play daily. Again, thank you ! I hope to meet you in Park Slope or in Nazareth !!!

  2. I’ve been watching and listening to your YouTube videos for some time, and really enjoy them; but, this is my first visit to your website – it is now bookmarked!

    Anyway, thanks for all of this fantastic info! I am just getting back into guitar after <20 years (gave my previous guitars to my kids). Have wanted a Martin since 1968 - my neighbor got a new D-18 for graduation. Finally got an inexpensive GC-DSR for my 61st birthday this year! Now, looking to get a little better quality (thinking CEO-7)

    1. Happy birthday, Steve!, a little late but better late than never, just like getting your first Martin and then your first high end Martin. 🙂

      Thank you for your comments. I have cut out your model specific questions and will be answering them directly via email. Welcome to the site.

  3. Hi Spoon,

    Thanks for your great guitar reviews.

    Just watched both your new Blueridge BR-283A review as well as your Blueridge BR-183A vs. Blueridge BR-183 review. Personally, I prefer Adi tops as well as the 1 3/4″ nut width. I currently have a BR-180A that I bought from Maury and, without going into details, I like it more than some handmade dreads I have bought for 5 or 6 times the price (and which I ended up selling for that reason).

    Thanks again,


  4. Thanks so much for always having such detail in your reviews. I so appreciate your ability to put what you hear into words! Simply amazing, and so appreciated. Oh, and there’s the stellar playing of course…….. Best!

    As a player for the past 45 years, and collector for about 10 years, I must say his site is absolutely imperative for any player or collector, and such a find! The detailed descriptions, information, and stellar playing, is simply mind boggling! I am so glad I found this site!

    Thanks again for all you do to help educate players like myself make better choices, and simply learn about all of the great guitars you are fortunate to play and review!.

    1. Hi Barry, I tried to email you but it came back as non-deliverable.

      The first issue is there is no such thing as a 1988 Martin 000C-16GTE. That model came out in 1999. It is not a short-neck version of an OM. They have the same scale length and same body size.

      But there are significant differences between the 000C-16GTE made from 1999 onward and the original 000C-16 made from 1990 to 1995, which really is the same thing as a traditional Martin OM, only with a narrower 1-11/16″ neck.

      The version made in 1999 and after has different bracing and a different neck joint, as well as different finishing, and depending on when it was made, different materials used for the fingerboard and bridge.

      If you would like my full response to your full query, please write me at

  5. I’d love to hear a review of the older D-18 Authentic 1937 model. I prefer it to most of the newer Authentics I’ve played except the 31 D-28a. Great web site keep up the good work!!

    1. Thanks Bobby!

      I am around a D-18A 1937 on a regular basis, and will be sitting right next to it tonight, as Paul Ukena plays it on stage in the West Village. And I like his about as good or better than any other I have played, partly because the neck isn’t quite as fat in the upper frets as many others. But I have never played it side by side with the new Authentics, which have the thinner finish and other little authentications derived from Martin’s later investigations into how the old timers differ from modern guitars.

  6. great site….just discovered it and will review it .
    can you tell me the name of the song spoon Phillips plays at the end of his guitar reviews for Maury’s Music.?

    1. Hello Sleeper, and thanks for your question.

      If you mean the “Bluegrass” flatpicking section, it is a Scottish folk tune called “For A’That.”

      It is most well known as the melody to the song “A Man’s A Man For A’ That”, written by Robert Burns and published in 1795. But the actual tune is at least 100 years older than that and had many different sets of lyrics put to it before Burns’ poem.

      If you meant the music during the closing credits, it is an excerpt from an original work called “Riding Back from Boston.”

      1. thank you for your thoughtful insights and in depth articulate reviews…they are a tribute to your credibility….a much welcome oasis in the desert of salesman knowledge. As for the music…. I was referring to the closing credits. I listen to the emotive excerpt from “Riding Back from Boston” over and over just as I will return to your site… have gained another fan

        1. Well that is indeed very nice to hear. Thank you.

          I use a peppier version for the closing credits. The actual composition is designed to be more on the contemplative side, as it meant to evoke someone riding out on the old Post Road from Boston, having said goodbye to his true love for the very last time, before she sails o’re the sea.

          I hope you never grow tired of the tune, since I hope to use in on many more videos coming up!

          1. While reviewing your site I see a video where you comment an Tyminski’s martin guitar practically “laughs”. Wonderful to seen each band member take their part in that number. Could you comment on why Dan Tyminski
            appears to change guitars during the video? thanks

          2. You have a good eye for detail, Sleeper!

            Near the end of that video, featuring Alison Krauss and Union Station, you can here the distinct *snap!* of a string on Dan’s guitar, near the end of the the Jerry Douglas solo. In fact, he gets his back up guitar and gets the capo on the correct fret with like 2 seconds to spare before he has to start his own solo, and of course, never misses a beat.

            That back up guitar appears to be his Martin D-28 Dan Tyminski signature model, and the one previous guitar looked to be a much older Martin.

  7. Lyn Walker says:

    March 8 2014

    I have ordered the Martin 00028 koa guitar which I am really looking forward to arriving in New Zealand. By watching onemanz guitar video I was able to watch and chose this guitar.
    Thanks for your good work.
    Hope to watch many more.

    1. Hello Lyn and welcome to One Man’s Guitar.

      I am very happy for you, as you are in for quite a treat when you take receipt of what may be the best new koa guitar made today. Congratulations, in advance. 🙂

  8. I just spent a good 1/2 hour listening & watching you at the Maury’s Music website. I don’t know of any better reviewer of fine Martins than yourself. You left me longing…. er lusting over the John Sebastian (again, as I watched this vid several times last summer). Plus your session with the D-28 Authentic 1931 has me in a tailspin. You did a magnificent job of showing that wonderful instrument’s attributes in a very short time. Both, as well as so many of CF’s stable, are true gems. The Authentic series is an admirable nod to a most worthy past.

    I hope all’s well and your guitars are ringing this winter. I’ll get deeper into your site- better than curling up with a good book IMHO. Hats off to you for this wonderful endeavor and many thanks for sharing your knowledge, skills, and friendship. See you in August, if not sooner.

    Best, WillySunday ; )

    1. Bill, you are a prince of a guy, as I have always said.

      And such good taste. 🙂

      Long time no see. Sing a song of Texas for me!

  9. Hi There,
    Love the website!!!!

    I have a Kramer Big Sky that Sparky built a few years ago.It ia an amazing guitar!!!

    Madagascar Rosewood and German Spruce. I would love to share the pictures with you and maybe have you do a review on it if you like.

    In my honest opnion, Sparky builds some of the finest guitars in the world!!!


    1. Dale,

      Thanks for stopping by! We would love to see the photos. You can send them to, and include an note specifically giving us permission to display them on the website.

      As for reviews, are you in the New York City area? We will have our hands full with all the new guitars coming out at NAMM next week, but we will be looking for other guitars to review thereafter.

  10. I had an opportunity to have a good look (and read) of your new website.

    It is very informative and more importantly, so are the detailed and objective reviews of guitars.

    I am sure there are many people who appreciate reviews that are not “bought” by major guitar manufacturers and will find your take on instruments refreshing.

    You may wish to consider (for the time being) a Paypal type donation button to keep the site up and running.

    I am not a wealthy man by any means but I would certainly consider making a donation to help with the groundwork on your worthwhile endeavour.

    Anyways, all the best with the new website. Take care.

    1. Ed,

      Thank you for the kind words and the generous offer. We call em like we see em. But it is nice to hear that someone understands that a review can be objective while taking into account personal taste. But I try to remember that whatever I may not enjoy about a particular guitar may be exactly what someone else is looking for.

      One Man’s Guitar has considered advertising revenue once the site was well-established. Donations were not something that was thought of. I appreciate the suggestion and your kindness. I will have to learn more about Paypal and if we decided to go that direction, consider yourself acknowledged as the one who thought it up.

    1. Thanks Matthew! There is indeed a Wingart in the queue for review! Should be on line sometime in June. Stay tuned!

  11. Best, most intelligent, acoustic guitar lovers site I’ve found. I’m getting a Martin CS-OM–13 because of your review. Keep up the good – thoughtful – work!

    1. That is very kind of you to say, Angus. Thank you! Please feel free to let us know more about your CS-OM-13 once you acquire one. They are indeed unique, even by Martin standards. We hope you enjoy owning one as much as we enjoyed reviewing them.

  12. Todd, like the web site. I am seriously thinking of trading in my beloved HD-28 for a 000-28 – ever do a review of the 000-28?
    Also, love the scotch site too – guitars & single malt scotch – what more could a guy want 🙂

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