About One Man’s Guitar

The Writing is that of one man

The one man or woman whose guitar is reviewed on this site belongs to a growing list of private individuals who volunteer their instruments to stand as examples of the work of certain manufacturers, small-shop concerns, or individual luthiers. Guitar owners frequently provide their own point of view which is incorporated in the review.

While critical in perspective, the reviews will be presented with the goal of informing readers and publicizing quality musical instruments, accessories, or the music of a particular artist, and not to pass judgment, rank, or place them on some definitive scale. If it appears on One Man’s Guitar, it has already been judged worthy for the consideration of others.

Each player has a different opinion on what makes a good guitar, and what makes a great one. Personal opinion and factual recounting of sensory perception are offered as a way of describing the subject under review, which at times will be compared to well-known models and brands to provide identifiable points of reference. Readers will determine whether their own personal taste accords with that of One Man.

There will also be videos presented, and in time hi-definition audio files will be made available for download, as even the slightest compression required to play something on the internet can hinder attempts to discern the subtle differences between similar guitars.

The Blog section contains current news from One Man, as well as information gleaned though press releases from luthiers, guitar shops, artists and promoters, as they are received. Links to various feature articles and reviews will appear in the blog as well.

A Note On Martin Guitars And One Man’s Guitar

It will be apparent that Martin guitars feature largely on this site. One Man’s Guitar has no official connection to C.F. Martin & Co. whatsoever, other than that of journalist.

I have had a Martin-centric orientation since childhood, as most of my earlier influences played Martins on stage or record. In recent years I have established friendly relations with several former and current employees of the company. Such connections came about entirely due to participation in the Unofficial Martin Guitar Forum and its annual gathering in Nazareth, PA, and subsequent visits to the Martin factory. This site will continue to offer praise and criticism of Martin products where it is deemed justified.

Just as the guitars reviewed in person tend to reside in the Northeast of the United States, C. F. Martin & Co. is a short drive from the New York City area, which provides opportunities I do not enjoy with other guitar makers.

That being said, it is our express intention to build up a body of reviews and media files showcasing guitars and accessories from many other sources. Familiar names soon to appear on One Man’s Guitar include Gibson, Huss and Dalton, Lowden, Schoenberg, Taylor, and Wingert, to name just a few.

Some of the content on this site originally appeared elsewhere. Beginning in April 2013, new content has been added that is exclusive to One Man’s Guitar.

Having Your Guitar Reviewed

If you are in the New York City area, or within day-trip distances, and would like to have your guitar considered for review, either in your own home or in ours, please drop us a line at oneman@onemanz.com.

Of particular interest are models currently for sale by major manufacturers such as Taylor, Gibson, Santa Cruz, Collings, Bourgeois, Goodall, among others.

Also welcome are guitars by respected luthiers such as Linda Manzer, James Olson, T.J. Thompson, Wayne Henderson, etc.

The process involves setting up microphones and a small video camera, as well as some time to take photos to include with the written reviews. While is it not required, guitar owners are encouraged to prepare and perform approximately 2 – 4 minutes of solo guitar playing that can be used as a supplemental video to go along with the formulaic video we use as a companion for our review.

By default, any owner of a guitar reviewed on this site, other than a commercial dealer, shall remain nameless for reasons of personal privacy. No faces will appear in the videos that appear on YouTube or One Man’s Guitar, etc.

A guitar owner should expect a two hour minimum allotment of time for remote video, about one hour if you bring your guitar here. In some cases, owners familiar to me have left their guitars with here for several days, but that is by no means necessary.


This site would not be possible without the generosity and patience of those many people providing materials for review, and those providing educational and editorial advice.

Special thanks go out to Maury Rutch, of Maury’s Music, in Coaldale, PA, a dear friend since before he and his wife opened their guitar shop, and Stan Jay of Mandolin Brothers, on Staten Island in New York City, whose dedication to fulfilling the dreams of the guitar-struck has provided countless hours of hands-on education in the artistry of fine fretted instruments; and to David Musselwhite, the supreme master luthier and living lore master of vintage and modern guitars, mandolins and other such magical things. If you never had his wife’s cooking, you’re really missing something!

5 thoughts on “About One Man’s Guitar

  1. Great site by a wonderfully sensitive and perceptive reviewer of music and instruments. He is an artist with words, and a good guitarist himself!

  2. This is a great site! I found it through your videos on the UMGF site, as well as reading your thoughtful, insightful posts. Great job with this blog and thanks for sharing your knowledge and passion. (Not helping my GAS though)

    1. Well thank you very much, Mr. Solan!

      I just call em like I see em and I am happy if others benefit from that. I appreciate you taking the time to say so. And I hope you will share your opinions in the future, as the site continues to grow.

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