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I Like New York In June, How About You?

We have had a busy June

After getting the sites up and rolling, we have dedicated much of June to research and development. Over at One Man’s Guitar, July is shaping up as Martin Month, as we delves deep into the Authentic mystique, with reviews of all the new Authentics, in many respects more authentic than ever.

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Schoenberg Quartet acoustic guitar review

From the idea conceived by the late Stephen Bruton, designed by his friend Eric Schoenberg, and built by luthier Randall Kramer, the Schoenberg Quartet Stephen Bruton model brings together classic, pre-war guitar traditions, cutting edge luthiery technology, and the scientific method of Chladni plate resonant frequency tuning, which was used by nineteenth-century violin makers and led Benjamin Franklin to invent the harmonium.

“This guitar is so finely tuned in terms of dynamics and response that it is basically effortless to play, in any tuning. There is a gorgeous complexity to the harmonics, but an unperturbed clarity to the fundamentals, and an organic sensibility to the sustain and decay of each, which makes it a delight to play.”

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Schoenberg Quartet