Gibson SJ-200 Ebony Spec Sheet

Official spec sheet for the 2017 Gibson SJ-200 Ebony

“…the SJ-200 is a classic. And this jet black version is pretty darn classy.”

Gibson SJ-200 Ebony Limited fret markers borrowed

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Wood Species:   Sitka Spruce

Pieces:   2

Grade:   AAA

Binding:   6 ply top


Wood Species:   Maple

Pieces:   2

Binding:   4 ply


Average Weight (body only):   1.258kg / 2.775lb

Materials Used  

Glue:   Franklin Titebond 50

Tonal, Resonant, and/or Technical Effect:   Radiused top with scalloped bracing for projection and resonance

Body Contour  

Carve:   RadiusedNeck


Wood Species:   Maple

Pieces:   2


Truss Rod:   Single Action

Profile:   Round

Thickness at Fret 1:   2.075cm / .817″

Other Materials:   Franklin Titebond 50, hot hide glue neck joint

Average Weight:   0.48kg / 1.069lb

Peg Head  

Type:   SP-1

Inlay:   MOP

Peg Head Binding:   1 ply

Logo:   Block and Crown

Headstock Angle:   17 degrees

Tonal, Resonant, and/or Technical Effect:   Compound Dovetail neck joint for resonance distribution throughout guitar

Neck Fit  

Joint Angle:   3 degrees

Type:   Compound Dovetail

Adhesive:   Hot hide glue

Gauges Used:   Long Scale Pitch Guage


Material:   Tusq

Width:   4.38 cm / 1.725″

Slots:   E: .053 String Guage
A: 0.043
D: 0.032
G: 0.024
B: 0.016
e: 0.012


Wood Species:   Rosewood

Pieces:   1

Fingerboard Details  

Radius:   30.48 cm / 12 ”

Frets:   20

Nut/End of Board:   4.38cm / 1.725″ @ nut, 5.70cm / 2.25″ @ end of board

Scale:   64.77cm / 25.5″

Binding:   Single Ply Cream

Side Dots (Color):   Black

Fingerboard Inlays  

Style:   SJ-200 Crowns

Material:   Mother of Pearl

Average Weight:   0.11kg / 0.25lb



Color Code:   EB

Surface Texture:   Smooth/ Hi Gloss 90 Sheen Lacquer

Filler:   Walnut

Sealer:   1-1.5 mils

Top:   140-140-885/ Ebony lacquer T75XXB7916-1426-S.W.

Top Coat:   Smooth/ Hi Gloss 90 Sheen Lacquer

Scraped:   Fingerboard Sides and Nut


Tuning Keys

Style:   Gold Grover Imperials

Weight:   46.72 gr / 1.648 oz

Tuning Keys Details  

Tuning Ratio:   16:01

Plating specs:   Gold

Part numbers:   140-130-720

String Dimensions  

E:   0.053

A:   0.042

D:   0.032

G:   0.024

B:   0.016

e:   0.012


Style:   SJ-200 Mustache

Material:   Rosewood with Tusq saddle

Part number:   140-120-903, 140-130-866

Weight:   38.55gr / 1.36oz

Output Jack  

Style:   6.35 mm / 1/4″ mono

 Strap Buttons  


Truss Rod Cover

Style:   B/W Limited

Part Number:   140-130-840