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George Barnes – Why was I Born?

To play guitar, George, to play guitar.

George Barnes – the First Electric Guitarist


Guitar Videos from Our Reviews

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Martin Factory Converts 1953 000-28 to 1939 000-42

Read the Review Here


Martin 000-30 Authentic 1919


Taylor 814ce


Martin Custom Cocobolo CEO-7

Small Shop Luthier Guitar Videos

Brondel A2 – Laurent Brondel, Luthier

Schoenberg Quartet – Randall Kramer, Luthier

Part II – The Owner Plays his Quartet

Part III – DADGAD Sample



Wingert Model F – Kathy Wingert, Luthier

Part II – The Owner Plays his Model F


Lowden O50C African Blackwood


Part II – DADGAD Sample


Huss & Dalt TD-M Custom Sinker Mahogany

Part II – The Owner Plays his TD-M


Videos of Martin Guitars

2015 NAMM Martins Sampler Video

OM-42 Deep Body Custom




Grand J12-16GTE


2014 NAMM Martins Sampler


D-28 Authentic 1937


000-28K Authentic 1921


NAMM 2013 Martin Sampler


OM-18 Authentic 1933


D-18 Authentic 1939


D-28 Authentic 1931


D-28 Authentic 1941


D-45S Authentic 1936



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