Highland Park experiment

A Highland Park Experiment is marrying in my glass. I was invited to another Highland Park tasting. The 12, 18, 25, 30. Amazing how the very good 18 can seem immature and simple compared to the 25 and 30. I had a similar tasting experience with the 21, which seemed the height of sophistication and… Continue reading Highland Park experiment

2013 Drammies

The 2013 Drammies Awards were announced, with the Isles standing tall. The Drammies are conceived by Kevin Erskine and presented by forwhiskylovers.com. The awards cover everything from Best Distillery Tour (Laphroig) to the Worst Marketing Campaign (Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey Bee.) The award for Best Whisk(e)y went to Highland Park 18, while Ardbeg 10 won… Continue reading 2013 Drammies

Review of 30 Year Old Highland Park

We have followed up our inaugural review of the Highland Park 12, and published our review of the most serene excellency that is thirty-year-old Highland Park. There is zero bitterness, nothing swells up to out-perform the other flavors, or throw it out of balance. In fact, most every Highland Park is well-balanced. The 21 is… Continue reading Review of 30 Year Old Highland Park

Review – Highland Park 12

Although we have many reviews to publish in the coming days and weeks, we are happy to kick-off our whisky reviews with a member of the Common Man’s Whisky Hall of Fame, 12 year old Highland Park. “It is such an ensemble cast that the entire production becomes the star. This is different than I… Continue reading Review – Highland Park 12

April Feature Review – Whisky Live!

Whisky Live New York 2013 Whisky Live took place Wednesday night, April 3, on Pier Sixty in New York City, one of 16 cities around the globe that host the “World’s Premiere Whisky Tasting Show.” And it was a rousing, educational and entertaining success. Those attending were greeted and treated to countless varieties of malt… Continue reading April Feature Review – Whisky Live!

Highland Park releases Loki Special Edition

Highland Park has released the second offering from the Valhalla collection, a range of whiskies named for supreme figures of Norse mythology. And it sounds like Loki will be anything but low key. Aged 15 years in a mixture of sherry and “heavily peated” casks, and bottled at 48.7%, this could prove one sweet yet… Continue reading Highland Park releases Loki Special Edition