WhiskyFest 2014 Dates Announced

Please mark your calendars and start saving your farthings. There is usually a discount for ticket sales before a certain date, so keep your eyes peeled for more information in the future, and sign up at the website listed below to receive updates. WhiskyFest 2014 Dates are as Follows: •        WhiskyFest Chicago: April 25 •       … Continue reading WhiskyFest 2014 Dates Announced

Talisker 25 – Hurricane Sandy Survivor

Talisker 25 label - Hurricane Sandy Survivor

This bottle of 25 year old Talisker survived Hurricane Sandy, battered and torn, but sealed. I received it as a gift because I was storing some valuables while a friend’s home was renovated, so they were not destroyed with the rest of his belongings, during the devastation that ravaged the east coast of the United… Continue reading Talisker 25 – Hurricane Sandy Survivor

Whiskyfest 2013 Exclusive Report

Our Reporter Braves Gourmet Food and the World’s Best Spirits, Among Other Hardships to Bring You His Exclusive Report from Whiskyfest 2013 Deciding which of the 500+ varieties of whisky and other fine spirits to indulge in is a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it! For a ticket price less than the better seats… Continue reading Whiskyfest 2013 Exclusive Report

BenRiach 16 Whisky Review

The 8 Men of Malt review BenRiach 16 yo single malt whisky Fortunately for us, in 2004 BenRiach was reborn into the hands of scotch whisky expert Billy Walker and his investing partners, Geoff Bell and Wayne Keiswetter, both of South Africa. With stock going back to the 1960s, Walker set to work as the… Continue reading BenRiach 16 Whisky Review

Updates to One Man’s Malt for October

Updates for October! After spending considerable weeks on other pursuits, One Man’s Malt is back in production! In addition to the release of our upcoming review of Whiskyfest 2013, which took place this past weekend, we have been sprucing up the premises, and loading up content for the MANY whisky reviews soon to appear in… Continue reading Updates to One Man’s Malt for October

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Dave Broom Gets Whisky All Mixed Up!

After decades as a professional spirits critic, chronicler, and advocate most highly respected around the world, one might expect Dave Broom to have his whiskies straight. But I may now confirm the rumors that he has been mixing them up, and doing so on purpose! In fact, the mixing of whisky with all sorts of… Continue reading Dave Broom Gets Whisky All Mixed Up!

Some mid-summer whisky news…

And our mid summer whisky news is this: While June was spent on other pursuits, and July has been occupied by all the guitar activity over at One Man’s Guitar, I wanted you all to know that August will be Summer Whisky Month in One Man’s World. But we have not been idle! This very… Continue reading Some mid-summer whisky news…

Review of Campbeltown Loch Blended Scotch Whisky

Our Review of Campbeltown Loch The sassy house blend from the Springbank distillery, in Campbeltown on the Kyntire Peninsula, Campbeltown Loch… … makes for a great summertime scotch on the rocks, or whisky and soda … Malty sweetness is at the center of each sip. It turns fruity … and then, ole! Here comes the… Continue reading Review of Campbeltown Loch Blended Scotch Whisky

Review – 18 year old Talisker

Whisky Review – 18 Year Old Talisker Our review gets to the heart of a stand-out among the great malt whiskies. “It does not bring the sucker punch Wow! of the hotter, rawer 10 year old Talisker. Talisker 18 makes a suave entrance and starts to reveal an elegant form with a smoldering heart. This… Continue reading Review – 18 year old Talisker