Review of 30 Year Old Highland Park

We have followed up our inaugural review of the Highland Park 12, and published our review of the most serene excellency that is thirty-year-old Highland Park. There is zero bitterness, nothing swells up to out-perform the other flavors, or throw it out of balance. In fact, most every Highland Park is well-balanced. The 21 is… Continue reading Review of 30 Year Old Highland Park

About Scotch Malt Whisky

From the primer article About Scotch Malt Whisky… Scotch malt whisky ranks high among the most popular beverages of all time. It can have a beguiling aroma that evokes sense memories of spring gardens, or roaring fires, tropical islands, or storms at sea, savory feasts, or gourmet confectionery, sometimes all from the same glass. “Complex”… Continue reading About Scotch Malt Whisky