Talisker 25 – Hurricane Sandy Survivor

Talisker 25 label damaged in hurricane sandy
Talisker 25 label - Hurricane Sandy Survivor

This bottle of 25 year old Talisker survived Hurricane Sandy, battered and torn, but sealed.

I received it as a gift because I was storing some valuables while a friend’s home was renovated, so they were not destroyed with the rest of his belongings, during the devastation that ravaged the east coast of the United States, one year ago today.

Flavor Map of Talisker 25 yo single malt scotch whisky for review at One Man's Malt onemanz.com

And like the ever changing weather of the northern seas at its home shores, this whisky is in constant flux upon the surface, with a deep serenity beneath.

Overall, Talisker 25 a well-integrated dram; with its own unique take on the Talisker mix of sweet, pepper, peat smoke and herbal bitters.

As the finest spirits are thought of as very precious, as they dwindle in the bottle, it is a finer thing to pour some out on occasions such as these, and raise them in remembrance of that which is gone, and in appreciation for what we are so lucky to have.

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