Updates to One Man’s Malt for October

Updates for October!

After spending considerable weeks on other pursuits, One Man’s Malt is back in production!

In addition to the release of our upcoming review of Whiskyfest 2013, which took place this past weekend, we have been sprucing up the premises, and loading up content for the MANY whisky reviews soon to appear in these pages.

We have made some improvements and additions to several existing pages, including:

Our review of Ken Loach’s evocative film The Angel’s Share, which you should track down and see soon! Its awards include BAFTA and the Jury Prize at Cannes.

Excerpt: The Angel’s Share is far darker and smarter than the wacky comedy caper about pinching some whisky suggested by the publicity… But then, The Angels’ Share is not really about whisky at all. It is about a primitive man-at-arms whose sense of dignity was once wrapped up in avenging the slightest offense and not backing down from a fight, but who repents of the false-honor of vendetta, and how he finds redemption on the non-violent path that ultimately illuminates his way to a better life.


Our primer article About Scotch Malt Whisky, called “Very valuable and complete and well-written and entertaining.

Excerpt:  Medieval distillers were considered to be alchemists. The same could be said of today’s master blenders. They combine elements of various origin and composition to create an entity different from and at times greater than the sum of its parts. The blender will employ certain whiskies to make up the body of a recipe, while others are added sparingly, like finishing herbs dropped across a savory dish. Flavors, complementary or offsetting, are balanced and unified. At times a blended scotch will conjure up flavors undetected in the individual whiskies brought together to create it.

The master blender holds a most highly respected position in the business, one that requires a vast knowledge, strong intuition, and an exceptionally nuanced sensory perception. Theirs is a craft developed through apprenticeship, experimentation, and lucky accidents. The panache of each new blender adds to the collected wisdom handed down through generations of Scotch whisky makers, and is embodied in the results of their labor, whether it be the vatting of pure malts, or blending them with grain whisky.


Our insider recount of malt advocate Dave Broom’s exclusive tasting that got all mixed up!

Excerpt: “… The fatty quality of the nut was dominant, mouth-filling and slithery, and ever so cooling as it slipped down the throat. The whisky’s malty smoke and spicy fruits took on the role of the subordinate flavoring, rather than primary components…”


Additional bottles added to our shelf, many of which will appear under review at One Man’s Malt, including Royal Lochnagar Distillers Edition from Diageo and some serious Glenfarclas!


Our new, exclusive Whisky Flavor Maps will be accompanying many of our upcoming reviews, and added to our existing reviews. Here is an example.

Flavor profile chart for Clynelish Distillers Edition onemanz.com single malt review

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